Embrace Your Intuition

We are all extremely intuitive and when one understands the true function of the ego, is when one is able to deepen one’s connection with their intuition. We receive a minimum of 500 intuitive messages a day, we have just forgotten how to see, hear, feel or know that intuitive message because we have numbed our senses over the years. We are constantly distracted by outside influences and because of that we ignore the messages coming from within and/or we allow our unbalanced ego to discount our intuitive messages. I have learned that if we embrace the ego and start… Read more.

Do You Have the Right Kinds of Intelligence?

I have learned that life is intelligent and moves to higher and higher orders of complexity and adaptation. And we as humans have the capacity to develop multiple types of intelligence and to adapt to the increasingly complex world we face. I grew up believing that “intelligence” was one thing – what we call IQ. I worked hard and got good grades at a really tough college. I thought that would prepare me for life. What I realized by my late 20s was that there were other forms of intelligence that mattered a whole lot. Specifically, we also need emotional… Read more.

Your ego is like a toddler: sometimes it cries out because something is wrong and sometimes it’s just throwing a tantrum. Learn to recognize the difference to keep it healthy and unspoiled.
Letting go of ego can be quick: Enlightenment awaits you!
When you can laugh at your own foolishness without feeling embarrassed, it empties your vessel of ego and many forms of ego.

Don’t Conform, Reform!

Don’t waste your life, your beauty, your infinite connection to all things, worrying, overworking and collecting “material things!” Control your ego; temper your desires and let forgiveness, love and personal freedom be the beacon that guides you. Awaken from the delusion of having to show off and prove yourself to others. The best house, car, clothes and latest gadget mean little, because they are not who you really are beyond thought and form. The things you want to own, invariably end up owning you. They become the “screws” of your life, nailing you to the floor, preventing you from spanning… Read more.

As Is, I’m Here

During a weekend recently three big challenges came up for me and and I used one of my favorite mantras over and over again, “As Is, I’m Here.”  Saying “As Is” reminds you of the willingness to allow yourself to be exactly as you are in this moment. It invites you to let go of struggling with whatever is (your usual mode), so you can move into the place of healing that comes from allowing yourself to be exactly as you are. “I’m Here” reminds you to be keenly attentive to what is, in a way that invites your heart to be open to… Read more.

Finding the Good Even When Things Get Bad

Learn to love yourself. Once you love you, it opens you up to all different types of experiences in this world. Whatever you focus on is what you get, so why not focus on the good and the positive? Do your very best to live love and kindness and not in the Ego. When we live in our ego, life is complicated and distorted. If you want to experience everything fully, let go of your ego. Forgiving is key. Without forgiveness, you will stay stagnant. Remember when you forgive someone, it is for you, not for them. You are not… Read more.

School of Human Potential: How Can I Serve You?

One simple question can literally change your life: “How can I serve you?” I am using the word literally very specifically, so please allow me to explain. It all started with Neale Donald Walsch at the Celebrate Your Life conference sharing his belief that “your life is not about you…but who you touch and in how you touch them….” Whether you agree with that statement and to what extent is beyond this particular post. What is, on the other hand, is an interesting perspective and a question that occurred to me while thinking through Neale’s speech. In our lives, we most… Read more.

Finding Your Blind-Spots

As I turn 50, my intention is to devote the second phase of my life to share my insights learned through my many missteps over the years and the introspection that followed, so that others need not go through the same bumps and falls that I had to endure on their journey to joy, fulfillment and peace. I truly believe that we can create an enlightened society where inner awareness can empower people to thrive in harmony. To generate joy and peace in your life and our world, we need to look at ourselves both as individuals and as a… Read more.

It Isn’t Personal

Seek to understand, for with understanding comes acceptance, peace, and – in many instances – love. We cannot hate what we understand. Remove the ego. Everyone you meet, every person who makes you smile, dance, cringe, swear, and scream, each one is simply trying to get through the day the best way she knows how. Each is striving to become the person he wants to be. Each is working to live the life she wants to live. Whatever pain anyone in your life may cause you, remember this: It isn’t personal. It is simply a product of that person moving… Read more.

Let Go of Your Ego!

Our ego is an integral part of our human experience. How many times a day do we say “I”? The ego is a tool to discern “me” from the rest of the world. It helps us navigate through the earthly conditions and distinguish what is positive/negative or pleasant/unpleasant. At the same time, the ego is the cause of separation and the root of all suffering. If we forget that our activities also affect the rest of the world, we can easily hurt others. This can trigger a chain reaction and one gesture of hatred or anger will cause suffering not only… Read more.

Have You Been Watching Your Thoughts Lately?

By Tara Taylor. Our thoughts are extremely powerful when it comes to manifesting an outcome that we may want in our lives. Have you been paying attention to your thoughts lately? Are you thinking about what you want rather than what you do not want? It’s important to make a positive daily habit of watching where our thoughts go or where our minds start to wonder to. Our thoughts play a role in how we experience our daily lives and our interactions with others. When we choose thoughts that are loving, encouraging and forgiving about ourselves and others we find that… Read more.

3 Practices to Light Your Life

The greatest gift that I have learned in this lifetime is to live my life by these three phrases: Love your ego, love your life and lead by example. Like many souls, I once believed that enlightenment was reached by ridding oneself of ego. In my early teens, I was so frustrated by the power my ego had over me that I broke down in uncontrollable tears. I asked the divine why I was struggling with detaching from my ego. Then, like a divine lightning bolt hitting me I realized, “trying to rid yourself of ego is your ego’s work”…. Read more.

Loving the Duality of your Higher Self and Ego Self

By Tara Taylor. What is the meaning of life? That is the universal question that we have all asked ourselves once, twice or everyday. In actuality, the question that we truly want to understand is, “What is MY meaning in this life?” We look to others to answer this question. We seem to think that we don’t know. In actuality, we do know. Each and every one of us has the answer embedded. It is in every fiber of our being, we have had the answer even before we came to our bodies. We hold our answer within us.  The question… Read more.

Is It a Sign for Change or Resistance of the Ego?

I am constantly being asked by my clients how they can stay motivated in their lives. My answer to them is: If you are feeling like you are not motivated, then it is time to do some soul searching and see if this is lack of motivation and/or self sabotaging behavior or if this is something that is a distraction from what your soul really wants to be doing.   Grab a piece of paper and write down the issue/topic of your concern at the top of the page. Make two columns, one titled, “Why is this important for me to do?” and… Read more.

What Is Your Ego Type?

By Tara Taylor. Having dug deeper into the make up of how the ego works in others, my findings show there are two types of ego. This is why some ego balancing techniques will not work if one does not know which ego type they are. Our ego types are chosen before we come into our human bodies to help us achieve our soul’s purpose and to live life to the fullest. Our ego type will question us in the right way to have us learn our purposes in which we are here for. Since we are a species of… Read more.