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Don’t waste your life, your beauty, your infinite connection to all things, worrying, overworking and collecting “material things!”

Control your ego; temper your desires and let forgiveness, love and personal freedom be the beacon that guides you.

Awaken from the delusion of having to show off and prove yourself to others. The best house, car, clothes and latest gadget mean little, because they are not who you really are beyond thought and form. The things you want to own, invariably end up owning you. They become the “screws” of your life, nailing you to the floor, preventing you from spanning new pastures. You are more than what you own and not defined by what you owe.

Step off the mouse wheel by refraining from doing things you hate, decorating your life with ego fuelled crud and people who see you as a means to an end. You’re not a slave to someone else’s agenda. You’re a free spirit, not a worshipper to the daily rituals of modern society.

Step back and see the merry-go-round of illusions for what it is. There is nothing wrong in wanting better things in life. As long as you are not paying for them long after the shine has worn off and the ephemeral ego-fix has evaporated. Today’s treasure is tomorrow’s trash! Tame your mind with spiritual awareness, discipline and practice delayed gratification. Don’t conform, reform!

Be yourself and if others can’t accept that, then don’t allow their judgement to become your prison cell. Simplifying your life and becoming more spiritually aware is the answer. Money, glamour and objects are not gods to be adored and adorned. The weight of these things holds you down and corrupts your energy. Give stuff away, lighten your load and escape being shackled to the system. Create an unrestricted life for yourself and those dear to you. Less mess is less stress.

Live free by choosing what you want to do, not what you “have” to do. Most humans fall out of bed in the morning, only to re-connect with the mainframe of human slavery and egoic entrapment. You can only be free to the degree to which you are not trapped by physical, financial or mental obligation.

To avoid the human condition of perpetual disappointment, yearning, reaction, problem creation, fear and feelings of inadequacy, you must raise your consciousness beyond the realm of compulsive thinking and judging.

The truth is you need to raise your energy and consciousness, not to be more attractive and powerful or to make loads of money, but to open your heart and mind to a new found freedom and elevate your current existence.

You appreciate most people are trapped, held hostage by their egos and consume far more than they will ever need. They rush around from one drama and crisis to another, trying to make sense of it all! The more you let go, the more things seem to happen effortlessly and more natural flow you create in your life.

A few years from now an empty space will mark the spot where you once stood. All your things will be gone. If you want to live forever make a difference in the lives of others and change yourself today.

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Ian Fox is a multiple business owner and visionary who's helped thousands of people worldwide with his unique, down-to-earth and highly experiential approach to life, business, money, self-awareness and spirituality. A renowned Martial Arts Master and mind and body teacher with over 35 years experience. Founder of Fox, an holistic health and fitness teacher training company, which has trained over 7000 instructors globally since 1994.

Ian has taught Applied Personal Development and Mindfulness for many years as a powerful and transformational method for overcoming life's barriers and obstacles. He is also a Reiki and Sekhem master. Ian is a pioneer of new learning and training methods of personal growth. He's appeared on Television programmes, in magazines and on Radio all over the world.

Ian is the author of Small Wants Little Needs: The Spiritual and Practical Solution To Becoming Financially Free. Learn more about the book at  
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Ian is also founder of the Mindfulness Meditation Zone, where he inspires people to live a much happier life using the power of Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation.

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    1. Thank you. Yes let’s… the choke-hold of freedom is believing you are powerless… when in fact you are the complete opposite.

  1. “The truth is you need to raise your energy and consciousness, not to be more attractive and powerful or to make loads of money, but to open your heart and mind to a new found freedom and elevate your current existence.” This is a good summary for living a better life. Thanks for sharing your ideas Ian.

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