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Enjoy and embrace simplicity.

No, that doesn’t mean poverty. Nor is that the polar opposite of wealth. Living simply is experiencing and appreciating the small things in life that are taken for granted by those constantly looking outside of themselves for happiness.

Real happiness will never be found in a pill, television, car, or iPod. This materialistic view will result in a never-ending pursuit of “things” that never quite fill the hole trying to be filled. In fact, it only grows with the more “things” you acquire. Instead, the key to happiness is found by satisfying the needs that should be natural and commonplace for all of mankind.


The things that make us human are the very same things that are lacking in the lives of those lost in their world of materialism. The first of these qualities is optimal health. Most of us are born with all the potential in to world to be healthy and happy. Yet in our quest for financial freedom, we get lost in the rat race. We neglect and sacrifice our own health for a few bucks. In the end, we are the ones that suffer with increased medical costs and, worse yet, a decreased quality of life.

There is an old saying that “he who dies with the most toys wins”. That statement could not be farther from the truth. Your health is all you have. Every time you avoid fast foods and choose wholesome natural foods, you are investing in yourself and your future. When you choose to exercise instead of playing video games, you circulate life-providing blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your body.

Nothing pays higher dividends than the healthy lifestyles that provide the nourishment you need to function at optimal levels. In order to enjoy the toys you do acquire during this lifetime, make sure you live long enough to truly enjoy them.


The need to connect is so obvious when you see the popularity of social networking websites. There is a valuable lesson to be learned here. Help and support your community and they will support you. Living in fear inside four walls and a ceiling, you will miss out on so much growth and support available to you. A stranger is only a friend you’ve yet to meet. When you find your family, friends, and people, live for them.

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Luke Sniewski enjoys doing handstands, playing with his son Jack, and living the life of a nelipot. After completing his book, Million Ways to Live, he traveled around the world making documentaries about healthy living in different cultures. His aim is to coach and empower people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and be their own wellness guru.

Luke is a student of the human body. A former professional football player and Certified Public Accountant, this modern Renaissance man found his passion for life diving into the diverse realms of healthy living. With professional credentials in performance training, corrective exercise, soft tissue & fascial therapy, nutrition therapy, cooking and food system sustainability, Luke brings a comprehensive approach to his coaching which integrates physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing. His book and international documentary series, Million Ways to Live, bridges the gap between complex theory and practical application while empowering people to be their own wellness guru.

“The innate wisdom of the human body is greater than anyone has ever allowed you to believe. Trust it. Your body stores a lifetime of information that must be considered when creating a healthy lifestyle that is both realistic and sustainable. What happens in a lab doesn’t always translate into real life. When you work with real people you have treat each person as a unique case; one that will surely teach you as much as you teach them.”

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  1. Sure like your outlook on life. So true, make your health the most important investment,so you can enjoy all the good things life has to offer.Keep up the great work!

  2. Uh nice body! I can say this freely as a massage therapist right?
    I like the simplicity and health message. Your documentary project sounds amazing! Just simplifying now (reducing my stuff to a carry-on and backpack plus a few boxes stored) and going on my 18 month world tour-Latin America and Europe, combining some healing work, refining my spoken languages and discovering different cultures. Yes to finding my people (those who we hold close) and remembering too that every one, even those who mistreat me, are ‘my people’ At some level they were chosen to be in my life, I learn valuable lessons from them, we are all the same in so many ways and living in love is always better than fear and anger if we are to take care of each other. I’d better stop now or I will have to submit my own inspiration here LOL! Maybe after my travels…. If you have any wise advice for my travels, feel free to respond. I’m kind of new to it.

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