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What Your Top Priorities Should Be

SIMPLICITY Enjoy and embrace simplicity. No, that doesn't mean poverty. Nor is that the polar opposite of wealth. Living simply is experiencing and appreciating the small things in life that are taken for granted by those constantly looking outside of themselves for happiness. Real happiness will never be found in a pill, television, car, or iPod. This materialistic view will result in a never-ending pursuit of "things" that never quite fill the hole trying to be filled. In fact, it only grows with the more "things" you acquire. Instead, the key to happiness is found by satisfying the needs that…

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My Top Ten Ways to Find Your Magnificence During Tough Times

Times are tough. We hear it all around us everyday... another business going under, another bankruptcy being filed, another job being lost, another home going into foreclosure, or another pension disappearing into dust. Worry takes a toll as stress builds, creativity suffers, health is compromised and relationships are threatened. To keep with my transparent blogging style, I want to share this with you that this is one of the most difficult financial times of my life. I have always been an independent businesswoman and my background is in real estate, so all of my assets were in what I thought…

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Walking Through Scary Times

Companies are closing, pension accounts are being drained, unemployment is going up, folks are losing their homes and the bankruptcy rate is escalating. Many feel as if they're walking through scary times as they watch their piggy banks sink. It all sounds like a train wreck in another state- something tragic but also distant While we're empathetic, the impact is lessened because it doesn't affect us personally. Until it does. Then, very suddenly, things shift and it becomes very real, very fast. Just this past week I've had some personal issues with some real estate investments that are now upside…

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What Are Your Jellyfish?

We're spending this week with a friend, sailing the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest. We've never been here before and the scenery is stunningly beautiful. My husband and I are enjoying a great week. One of our intentions for this week was to do some brainstorming for, but very little of that has happened so far. Just before I left to come up here I was interviewing one of our Inspirational Luminaries. I asked them to discuss change and how that can affect our lives. This Luminary shared that one thing they've learned is that if you…

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