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Our ego is an integral part of our human experience. How many times a day do we say “I”? The ego is a tool to discern “me” from the rest of the world. It helps us navigate through the earthly conditions and distinguish what is positive/negative or pleasant/unpleasant.

At the same time, the ego is the cause of separation and the root of all suffering. If we forget that our activities also affect the rest of the world, we can easily hurt others.

This can trigger a chain reaction and one gesture of hatred or anger will cause suffering not only for the person it was pointed against, but also for his/her family, colleagues and even a larger group of people. The ego keeps us trapped in the illusion that our actions have a limited effect.

In fact, our world, the planet and its population are all interconnected. If just one person feels hurt, the whole system is weakened.

Does ego bring us any benefits?
Perhaps only sweet ignorance at the beginning. And later a surprise when bad things happen to us. Somehow, negative deeds come back as a boomerang and we rarely figure out why.

Does anything motivate us to get rid of ego?
Our problems. Our depressions which have become overwhelming. Our illnesses. A life crisis is also an incentive to wake up from the “Matrix” dream. So it is up to us if we choose to start looking for something bigger than the materialistic goals our ego dictate.

Is there an alternative to the ego?
Yes, it is our true essence, the “higher/inner self”. There is much more behind the scenes of our body, emotions and thoughts. The higher self is what some call God’s sparkle, our vibrational identity. It comprises the light version of us. It is what makes us alive and goes back to unity with all what is after “death”.

How can we get rid of ego?
The more we get in touch with our higher self, the happier we become. Fulfilling the purpose of our lives will bring benefit to all beings as our love and enthusiasm will be contagious.

We can decide to hand the steering wheel over from ego to the higher self. First, we invoke the violet flame, the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power. It will envelop all our earthly bodies (physical, emotional, mental and etheric) and we can then allow them to be ruled by the higher self. At last, we let the ego dissolve into light.

This is the key to enlightenment, the state of full consciousness of everything that is.

You become a joyful and loving component of the web of Life. You no longer follow your own small goals, but fulfill the greater needs of the Whole. As soon as your ego stops standing in the way, your deepest wishes and greatest dreams you may have given up can come true.

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Ilona Svetluska was born in Pilsen, Czech Republic in 1979. Since 2005, she has been living in Brussels, Belgium. Painting has been one of her passions since childhood when she won a couple of competitions. At the age of 19 she started to work as an intuitive healer (kinesiology One Brain, reiki, family constellations, tarot and automatic drawing). She quickly developed her own artistic style – expressionist painting which resulted from her ability to do automatic drawing for healing purposes. Later on, she also worked as a teacher and a translator of esoteric books into Czech (among others, Conversations with God for Children.)

In Brussels she earned a Masters degree in International Politics and worked as a diplomat for the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. Brussels gave her also an opportunity to run a Buddhist centre and bring to life her idea of organizing an exhibition of Tibetan art “Timeless Values” in the European Parliament in fall 2009.

She has also held successful exhibitions of her art in the Council of the EU. She is a member of API – Art Perspectives International. Her abstract painting "River of Wisdom" has received a Special Recognition Award for outstanding art. Her artwork is owned by clients from Belgium, Luxemburg, UK, Czech Republic and also belongs to the collection of the Council of the EU.

Before she starts painting she makes sure to be in a meditative state so that the paintings can radiate positive energy. All of them work on both body and mind and therefore bring the whole human system into balance. The owners of her paintings report about the beneficial effects on their creativity, self-esteem and good mood. She is of the same opinion like Kandinsky: “Color directly influences the soul” (Concerning the Spiritual in Art). According to the Wall Street Journal, her artwork is a good investment.

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