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I am constantly being asked by my clients how they can stay motivated in their lives. My answer to them is: If you are feeling like you are not motivated, then it is time to do some soul searching and see if this is lack of motivation and/or self sabotaging behavior or if this is something that is a distraction from what your soul really wants to be doing.


Grab a piece of paper and write down the issue/topic of your concern at the top of the page. Make two columns, one titled, “Why is this important for me to do?” and the other titled, “Why I am resisting doing this?”


Take three deep breaths and ask the Divine for guidance on why is this important for to do, writing down all the things that come to you right away (remember, your higher self speaks first and your ego speaks directly second). Once you have written down all of the guidance in your first column, read it out loud to yourself.


Then take another deep breath and ask the Divine, “Why am I resisting doing this?” Write down all the thoughts that come to you. Then read out this column to yourself. Are you resisting this because you are fearful of a certain outcome that you feel you have no control over? (Your ego makes you feel like you have no control over yourself or you can’t do something)


Are you getting positive answers on why this is important for you to do? (That’s your higher self encouraging you.) Are you answering the questions with should, could or would? (Should, could, would are ego!)


After you have asked all the questions and you have cleared your mind and made space in your higher self for direct guidance, take a deep breath and ask, “By doing ________ is this going to help my and/or others’ life purpose?”


You will get an answer, even before you have finished asking the question to yourself. You will get a yes or a no.


If you get a yes, you are procrastinating out of a fear based belief of your ego. Get to work.


If you get a no, then it is ego distracting you from what is really important in your life. Take three deep breaths and ask the Divine to help resolve this situation for the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


The reason why breath is so important to us is that we come into this life with our first breath and leave this life with our last breath.


This is how the soul enters and leaves the body. Our breath is our soul. This is why we see so many practices of deep breathing. The Eastern traditions have been practicing the power of breath for centuries and centuries (like yoga, for example). The Western world took a little longer to catch on.


Think of it this way, when we are stressed, we hold our breath. When we hold our breath, our earthbound ego takes full force over our bodies and we become distracted. That’s why we can never seem to see the light at the end of tunnel. When we are stressed and not breathing properly, we feel as if doom is all around us.


When you stop and take three deep breaths and continue to be conscious of your breathing, it just seems as if everything comes clear and you get answers to the problem.


Why is that, one might ask.


Our breath is our spirit and our spirit is connected to the divine. To receive messages and guidance from our divine team, one must be clearly breathing.


When we hold our breath, we stop the spirit from connecting to the Divine. It’s like blowing air into a straw to make bubbles in your milk. If you squeeze the middle of the straw with your fingers, the air cannot get through and you cannot create bubbles.


When it comes to breathing, I ask all of you to put post-it notes in places that you know you go to and use everyday, such as the bathroom mirror.  Please write on the post-it note in big letters: BREATHE X3.


By doing this you are reminding yourself to breathe and get clear. When you are in the moment of stress and holding your breath or shallow breathing, the divine is having a hard time getting through to you.


So help your spirit out, and use these tools. I promise you, these little tricks of the trade will make a huge difference in your day to day life and you will began to manage your stress and heighten your own intuition when these little exercise are done every day. It is always the simple things that make the biggest impact and keep us on track.

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Tara Taylor is an internationally known intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker and HayHouse author. She has been featured internationally in newspapers, radio and television, and has helped many people through her workshops, seminars, and public speaking on understanding the ego and intuition.

Tara is one of the contributing authors to the Amazon bestseller, Manifesting Success: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams and co-author of HayHouse Publishing’s first YA series, Through Indigo’s Eyes and Becoming Indigo. (Both books are International Amazon Best Sellers.)

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  1. I have a little different take on the function of the ego,although I do believe it has everything to do with resistance. Your idea about putting post-its up is great. I have written a book about recovery from addiction using th 12 Steps that were first introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous. I have taken these ideas and expanded upon them trying to clarify the principles behind the Steps. I believe that resistance plays an enormous role in people opting out of recovery because there can be no denying that when people hit bottom they need recovery desperately. It can be a matter of life or death. I just found out someone I loved has died of addiction in October. He had a lot of resistance to the idea of spirituality that is inherent in 12 Step Recovery. Your blog is so important because it is critical that we examine our resistances – learning how to do this is part of the recovery and discovery process. My website is I also have a a blog and I hope you visit me. Thanks for your valuable posting.

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