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By Tara Taylor.

Having dug deeper into the make up of how the ego works in others, my findings show there are two types of ego. This is why some ego balancing techniques will not work if one does not know which ego type they are. Our ego types are chosen before we come into our human bodies to help us achieve our soul’s purpose and to live life to the fullest. Our ego type will question us in the right way to have us learn our purposes in which we are here for. Since we are a species of stereotypes, I have decided to call one the low ego and the other the high ego. One is no better or worse than the other and you will understand why I have named the ego types this way as you keep reading.

Low ego types tend to inflict negative emotions on themselves. They struggle with feelings that everyone is better than they are and they judge themselves harshly. Think of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, as if they believe that there is a dark cloud floating over head.

Characteristics of the Low Ego Type:

  • Difficulty taking compliments.
  • After a compliment is given, a response of why the compliment isn’t that nice is given….deflecting
  • Looks to others for approval
  • Constantly saying you’re sorry even if it is not your fault
  • Struggles with self image such as weight
  • Judgmental of themselves
  • Feeling that they can always do something better (perfectionism)
  • Procrastination
  • Worrier

The positives about a soul with a low ego

  • Loves to give
  • Good listeners
  • Dependable
  • Sees beauty in everything (expect themselves)
  • Works well with others/team player
  • Fair and just
  • Forgives others and blames themselves (has a hard time forgiving the self)
  • Good educators/teachers

Below are some affirmations that work well with low egos to keep them in balance. Pick three that you are attracted to and say them morning and night in front of the mirror seven times and remember to breath 3 times before and after the affirmation.

  • I have confidence and strength with decisions I make for myself.
  • I trust that I am a good person and people like me for who I am.
  • I trust the flow of life and move forward fearlessly.
  • I love my body and nourish it and keep it healthy.
  • I enjoying expressing my feelings to others and do so with strength and love.
  • I am free to ask for my needs and wants.

High ego types are no better than low ego types, they are both equal, they just differ on how the ego works within one’s self. This type tends to feel the need to be the centre of attention and will pretty much do anything to get it. To give you a visual, think of Tiger from Winnie the Pooh, he always needs attention from others to feel good. This type is the polar opposite of the low ego, their ego tries to tell them that they are better than others to help them feel confidant when threatened.

Characteristics of the High Ego Type:

  • Tendency to lead
  • Difficulty admitting wrong doings
  • Tends to compare others
  • Hard time coping when they do not get their way
  • Judgmental of others
  • Resentful
  • Holds onto grudges
  • Dramatic
  • Gossips

The Positives about a soul with a high ego

  • Tons of fun to be around/can be the life of the party
  • Adventurous
  • Takes risks
  • Can get you excited about life
  • Great motivators
  • Great in politics
  • Stands up for others when they are wronged
  • Deals with stress much easier as they can deflect onto others

Below are some affirmations that work well with high egos to keep them in balance. Pick three that you are attracted to and say them morning and night in front of the mirror seven times and remember to breath 3 times before and after the affirmation.

  • Finding beauty within myself allows me to find beauty in others.
  • I let go of unforgiveness towards others as this emotion only affects my internal body.
  • I trust that others will make the right decisions and that I can let go of control and trust the flow of life.
  • I only speak words that are loving, I am free of fear.
  • I relax and let life flow through me with ease, I am all the attention I need.
  • I feel so much better now that I can give my undivided attention to others with love and strength.

Now that we have determined what type of ego you have, you can learn to be balanced with your ego and higherself and soon work to understand what your soul’s purposes are. To help us truly live to our greatest potential in this lifetime it is important to be balanced between higherself and ego. It makes this journey much easier for us and our purpose much more rewarding and enjoyable.

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Tara Taylor is an internationally known intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker and HayHouse author. She has been featured internationally in newspapers, radio and television, and has helped many people through her workshops, seminars, and public speaking on understanding the ego and intuition.

Tara is one of the contributing authors to the Amazon bestseller, Manifesting Success: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams and co-author of HayHouse Publishing’s first YA series, Through Indigo’s Eyes and Becoming Indigo. (Both books are International Amazon Best Sellers.)

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  1. This is a pretty shallow description of personality traits – the author should revise the use of the word ‘ego’.

    Positive note, I’m sure she is a nice person; and the attempt to help others is not looked down upon. I understand the goal is simplify the subject and provide solutions, but it may be a little too simplified where readers find themselves bridged between the two categories.

    1. Hi Jimothy,

      Thank you for your comment:)..Yes this is extremely simplified, as it is just a “cole’s notes version”. When you have a moment please visit my website:

      On that site you will find radio interviews and tons of more info on the topic of the “ego” (so many names for the “other self”). The main goal is to be balanced between the higherself and the ego and I have noticed over ten years of studying that our ego’s are also part of our souls purpose here on earth. Depending on what our souls purpose is will also dictate what role our ego is to play so that we may learn and grow in this life.

      Blessings and thank you again for sharing your thoughts,

      Tara Taylor

  2. So, are you saying that we are born with either low or high ego? Is it not possible that our earliest experiences shape which way we are?

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Thank you for your question:)

      Yes, I once thought that it was our experience in our early child hood and fix beliefs that had been taught to us that shaped how our ego forms. What I found interesting was that when I was working with children and studying the development of the ego at an early age (I was doing research for one of my books and also found the ego forms its strongest foundation around the age of 7) I started to see that the basis and foundation of the two selves (ego and higherself) had been very much present even in babies and how they reacted to the outside world or the actions of others around them. As they grew, depending on the child surroundings dictated how strong the “ego type” became either being balanced with the higherself or unbalanced. Then I started to study adults and what made the ego tick sort of say and knew we could simplify the ego so that we understand it and keep it balanced.
      If you have any more interest in this topic or have another question, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]. My goal is to help as many as I can understand the ego so that we may live this life with more ease, comfort and confidence in one’s self.

      Blessings and Happy Holiday’s

      Tara Taylor

  3. Hi Tara,

    I love your overview of the ego and how to identify it and work on it with affirmations. What happens if you have strong traits and characteristics in both the low ego and high ego like I found in these for myself? For example I am an artist and sees beauty in everything (expect myself at times), I am very giving and a good listener, but at times I can be dramatic, hold grudges and be very resentful. Do you then mix the affirmations that I am attracted to in both sections to help attain the desired balance or am I in the midst of an ego identity crisis ? 🙂 Thanks for your article!

  4. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your loving comment. You are not at all in midst of an ego identity crisis:)lol..however that would be what your ego would like you to think;). This article is a coles notes version, so not all traits of ego types are listed. If I was to take a stab, I would say you are more likely a low ego. Sometimes its best to do the lists with a really good friend and they will see your strongest traits more than you would. Have your friend check mark and then count which section you have more check marks in:)…Please feel free to send me your email address to [email protected] and I can send you more info on this topic.

    Blessings and Hugs,

    Tara Taylor

  5. Tara, Thank you for your reply. Yes I guess that if I’m wondering what my ego type is , it must be a low ego ;). Thank you for your suggestions. I will email you privately for more information on this topic. Thanks again for your response.

    Thank you for the blessings and hugs! 🙂 Right back at you. 🙂

  6. A high ego is someone who has completed their full ego. A low ego is someone who has not completed their full ego.

  7. There is a lot of ego around here 😉 If this can add some visions I felt this 10 min helping the subject. Hope this is receive with Mriduta. Love and Light. Y

  8. Hi Tara, This is perfectly right in my case!!! wonderful insights keep writing… People usually try to compare with one onw experience or knowledge they had received…In my case I found it right don’t know the age when it would have formed but I understand no much difference in low and high ego…as I tend to exhibit both the states. Low Ego characteristic for outward behavior which tends by default and higher state for self. Thank you for this excellent brief in simple words!!!

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