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By Sheevaun Moran.

I just read an article about how Ohio almost passed a bill in 1969 to add 2 minute meditation periods in schools. What a shame that bill didn’t pass!

I’ve been teaching meditation in 2 minutes for over 15 years and am still shocked at how “dissed” and what a bad rap the word meditation gets. Meditation is already everywhere and maybe it’s time to stop thinking that meditation is weird or mind manipulation. Maybe it’s time to bring this into the light and accept what already is!

133 Lake Meditation By Gail

Let’s talk about some meditation moments you’ve probably not thought of:

1. We give kids a time out – that’s a form of meditation!
2. Kids are grounded and locked in their rooms, or at least we think they are, without TV, video games, etc. – that’s a form of meditation too.
3. Gazing off into space is considered daydreaming, but really ,it’s also a form of meditation!

When are you meditating and calling it something else?

If you’re looking to learn more about meditation, I hope you’ll check out my book Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes. In the meantime, start paying attention to how you’re incorporating mediation in your own life – without even realizing it – and embrace this amazing practice!

Photo Credit: Gail Lynne Goodwin

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Sheevaun Moran is an transformational speaker, nutritional expert, creator of innovative energy technology for limitless thinking, she is the author to several books and over a dozen holistic healing and meditation CDs . Her articles have appeared in Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles times, Conscious Living, Alternative Medicine. Sheevaun has been featured on CBS2, KCAL9, HBTV, PBS to name a few. Her blog and radio show are not to be missed.

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