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2010 is already here in some parts of the world, but for me…simply hours away. As I sit and reflect, I look into my mirror of 2009, and staring back at me, this is what I see.

Roadblocks, trials, and failures have been my most cherished possessions of 2009, as for they are the reasons I have been so driven to be the change in my own life. They are the reasons I have not given up on my search for the answers. They have allowed me the privilege of surrounding myself with wonderful like minded authentic people that also want to make a difference in this world. They have opened doors to opportunities that if I had not had to struggle so hard…would have never even known existed.

What many would look at, and walk away from, I have welcomed, studied and learned from. The boulders that completely blocked my paths merely required sweat, educating myself, and thinking outside the box in order to continue my journey. I have learned to face my fears and step into them in orderto forge ahead.

What seemed too good to be true for me this year were my trials, the trials that taught me more than anything I have ever learned before. My stepping completely into owning every decision that I have made, has given me so much insight, strength and power. Insight to think far past the superficial façades before me, the strength to stand in my truth, and the power to move forward to do what is right and past the threats that try so hard to stop me.

The biggest blessing for me this year are my failures. For the first time in my life, I have looked at commitments I have made and scrutinized them. Was I a failure because fully committed I did not grow, or because I had put my faith into a commitment that was a merely a shell with no content.

My intentions were of merit, the failures were in my lack of judgment. My over abundant excitement to want what I had committed to, to be all that it had promised to be. These failures allowed me to step into my truth, integrity, and commitment to myself. The commitment that says “No one can hold me hostage”! It is my choice to step into a commitment, and that same choice to step out if the commitment is void of truth, integrity, content, and ethics.

I have learned so much this year! As I look in the mirror, I see a strong woman who is stepping into 2010 in truth, integrity, and is 100% dedicated to making a difference on this planet. Janet Bray Attwood spoke these words at Engage today 2009 “Giving is the rent we pay for living on this planet”. I will pay it forward every day, and if I can touch one person’s heart, or make even the smallest difference in someone’s life…I know that I am earning my keep.

Blessings to all of you, as you were tagged because you have touched my life in some way. If I have forgotten to tag you in this post…you know who you are, and that you are included in my gratitude. This includes all of you who comment regularly on my posts 🙂 I actually reached my tag limit with this post!

I am wishing all of you the most magical New Year EVAH!!! I love you, and thank you for your presence in my life!

Big Smiles,

Jacqueline Hadden

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  1. Jacqueline
    Very well said. Congrats on seeing the hidden gifts in even your greatest challenges. I have found that our greatest challenges often lead to our greatest growth. There are no mistakes just different signs pointing us back to the direction of what we’d love to create in this world. We have the power to assign any meaning we choose to the events and experiences in our life. Choosing to use your challenges for inspiration and empowerment is a sure path to growth. With a mindset like yous I’m sure there are big things ahead for you…
    Big Smiles to you and much success

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