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Yesterday we took Koda, our big white fluffy fur ball of a dog for a hike in the newly fallen snow by our home in Montana. Being a Samoyed, Koda loves the snow and went bounding into the forest and fields jumping, rolling in it and playing in every way possible. I had to laugh at his unbridled enthusiasm.

What struck me the most was our big white furry dog was no longer white- he was cream colored against the backdrop of the stark white snow. I smiled and wondered how many other things in my life I automatically judge or evaluate as black or white, good or bad, etc, without thinking, in comparison to what?P1050751

Koda was white until he stood next to something that actually was white- then he wasn’t.  A bear in a photograph is so cute, until you put him next to you on a trail, then he’s not. Losing ten pounds is a good thing- unless you’re ill and you’re trying to gain weight. It’s all a matter of perspective.

That made me pause and look at things in my life that I judge and ask myself, as compared to what? The problem that seemed to be so big suddenly got small when I changed my perspective and asked myself, “As compared to what?” When we change the background or the circumstances our perspective can change dramatically. Great opportunity comes from the fact that we get to choose our perspective.

When I readjust my view of ‘what is’ and look at a big problem in comparison to the world in front of me, it is but a speck of dust. Just changing the way we see things can help us put things back in their proper perspective and therefore, deal with issues and opportunities more effectively.

For example, if you think your job stinks ask yourself, as compared to what? You have a job and many don’t. Or perhaps you think you are broke, but again… as compared to what? You have the ability to read these words and the mind to question your life- so you are already more fortunate than so many.

I encourage you to do two things right now.

The first thing, reevaluate the worst things you say about yourself- and stop doing it. Stop beating yourself up. Look at things from a different perspective and ask yourself the question, as compared to what? Chances are you’ll see the blessings that have been in front of you all along and things that might have been perceived as problems will diminish right in front of your eyes.

Secondly, take this opportunity to change your perspective and come from a place of gratitude. That alone can create the biggest shift in our lives- when we change the backdrop of our life to one of gratitude. Wherever we are in life, we all have something to be grateful for.

And all of this came from thinking I had a white dog- until I realized that I didn’t. I have a cream-colored dog, and that’s a good thing….. or is it, as compared to what?

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  1. I love this! And I SO needed it today! It’s all about my persepctive. I’m going to forward this to my husband and friends.

  2. This is great. I love being reminded about things like this.

    And now I’m appreciating the fact that I sat here, just now, on a computer, drinking my delicious iced tea drink. How many people in this world don’t have a computer? (that might be a good thing) Or a seat? Or even a drink?

  3. Great article Gail! Certainly put everything in perspective for me this morning when I really needed some. It truly is all about whether you see the glass half full or half empty.

  4. “I smiled and wondered how many other things in my life I automatically judge or evaluate as black or white, good or bad, etc, without thinking, in comparison to what?” Great statement. A lot forget that are many shades of color and we blend within them, even black or white. Black/white thinking is where you forget that there are many shades out there. If we compare something (event, circumstance) to just one other color we are missing out of seeing that there ARE other ways to think, feel, and react. Knowing that we do this we can allow life to flow, dance, rejoice and be in the state of love.

    I am GUILTY of black/white thinking, especially about my “future, HOWEVER, when I am in the moment, the future is gone. The negative thinking (black) goes away which allows for possibilities to enter.

    I know I need to do foot steps to HELP (not make) things happen. If they are meant to be, it will. Knowing that there are other prespectives, knowing that you CAN change yours makes a huge difference in your life.

    AWESOME BLOG. I love the way you write. Love the picture of the purity of snow with your precious Koda. I can just imagine myself there, carrying me into the NOW, ENJOYING, seeing the possibilities even in a picture.

    Thank you for your inspiration. I know you inspire me, I know you inspire others. Yes, it always goes where it is needed, HOWEVER there IS love behind it, that is what makes the difference.

  5. This reminded me of a dream I had shortly after my mom died.
    I drempt my mom was in a deep canyon and above her were some young boys throwing rocks down behind her. I was so mad in the dream at those boys, then I rose up higher and got the view from their perspective and a mountain lion was crouched down behind my mom ready to attack! The boys were throwing rocks at it to scare it away and they did. I was so thankful! It taught me to never make judgements about something because there are always things we do not see and to stay open to how others see a situation. Thanks Gail for writing about your experience and the great picture of Koda! LT

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