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Each week we ask our on-line family for their input with our question of the week. This week we asked:

With the holidays fast approaching and $ being tight, what’s the most meaningful FREE gift you can suggest? Please be creative!
As you might expect, the answers were deep, insightful and filled with love. By far, the overwhelming majority of responses recommended spending time and sharing love with others.

Many suggested the simple gift of being present for someone you love.  Others offered handmade gifts made with love through writing a letter of appreciation, a poem, a song, sharing recipes and hand made coupons. No matter the sentiment, the responses kept coming back to the theme of spending time with one another.

Once again we’re reminded that the greatest gift we can give to others isn’t something that we can buy. Rather, it’s the gift of who we are and taking the time to be fully present with those we love. It’s sharing the gift of ourselves.

In this holiday season, know that I love and appreciate all of you as a part of my life. My holiday wish for you is this….

May your heart be filled with joy and laughter and may you take the time to create amazing memories with those you love.

And now, here are some great responses from some amazing interactive peeps to follow:

@CrochetLibFront Crocheted scarves, free form, or simple out of stash yarn.

@garrett_22884 The free gift of love and quality time spent together where it is just at a local park or at home.

@infinite6s Great question! Write a poem to someone you love about how much they mean to you.

@ClumsyMcKane Free gift suggestion- Offer to baby sit or take kids out for a walk. I think all parents would love that, know my friends do.

@lilbirdie623 I’m giving my mom a replacement macChritstmas Treearoni wreath. The one I made as a kid had to be thrown out a few years ago.

@Rmannes I like coupons for things we don’t often get… Massage…nap… Date night…

@copedog I’ve asked my fam to save any coins from my birth year for me for Xmas. not that outrageous but simple enough.

@thoipoi Meaningful FREE gift? hugs and kisses *xoxo* ^ – ^

@MimiMeredith Understanding.

@coachtessa A little of our time, an open heart and a closed mouth. 🙂

@amyurbach My family likes to trade out sweat equity.  Helping with repairs or projects that need to be done. Great act of service gift.

@zachbergen Face time where you give your undivided attention. You know the old fashioned “visiting”. Barring that make a phone call.

@jayelisson Your time. No one has enough time these days, offer your time to someone so they may take a few minutes for themselves 🙂

@shleetay Make someone a coupon book! They work for everyone. <3

@Splintergirl That’s when it gets fun to get creative…reuse of some extra material you have laying around for a picture frame.

@HealthyLoserGal Picnic at a summer outdoor free concert or midnight picnic by rural lake in height of summer to count shooting stars.

@1nlakech Best free gift – something U have created with love – a drawing, painting, poem, meal, song. The more of U in it the better!

@polkadotpatch Free gift for holidays: LOTS of time spent together, just as a family. Best gift ever for children and parents.

@fjkelly3 How about close to free: a thoughtful, hand written letter, placed in a envelope, stamped and sent snail mail.

@kyhick Make up coupons for family and friends such as one free meal, one car wash, one house cleaning etc, time is priceless.

@iacprofessional Arts and Crafts gifts made by kids.

@KelByrd A little savory pot of herbs, esp. for cooks!

@daniellemmiller *free* gifts: create a cookbook of fav recipes, put some classic books on audio, the gift of time is always appreciated

@crystal_bubbles It’s kinda free if they are your ‘special someone’ treat them to a romantic picnic on the beach.

@WritRams I’m doing a lot of framed pictures this year. People seem to like those gifts better anyway :o)

@Marelisa A journal jar filled with journaling prompts to get them to record their memories.

@BlissfulChica Write them a poem or a letter expressing your love for them. Offer to do household chores for them.

@RkyMtnGuy Tight budget.  Meaningful free gift.  Suggestion:  My personal journals.

@ME_here Homemade coupons, baked goods, a poem or writing up a loving memory…

@JulieZiemelis The offer to spend time with someone. Gift: “Walk in the park for an hour” “Meet for coffee and catch up for an hour”….

@LindaLocke The best gift you can give to anyone is the gift of your time. It’s a priceless gift that doesn’t cost a dime.

@psmom A coupon book of gifts of time, a romantic dinner at home, massage for ur sweetie, bfast in bed, etc.

@awisewoman1 Our time – which is our most precious commodity!

@crazycomposer The most meaningful free gift I can suggest is LOVE; the manifestation of which may take several forms. Creativity helps.

@suemiley2 Free Gift:  A painting, song, poem or some work of art you created yourself w/that person in mind.

@katie_1955 TIME

@ItsPouC Say ” I love you” from your heart to someone you care is more valuable than a material thing… A gift card made by you is more meaningful than a holiday card from the store… Because you take your time to do it.

@msedino A handwritten list of 10 – 20 things that the person u r giving it 2 means 2 you, does 4 u, & rsns why u nvr wnt 2 b w/o em.

@BarbaraNelson Coupon good for: 1 free “NO” to use anyway anytime any who you like!

@rainbowriv About free gifts: just be creative – there are more things we could make ourselves then we think.

@RandomMuse re: most meaningful free gift i can suggest ~ a poem or note written about/to the receiver by the giver.

@blueblue321 Giving your time to another.

@agreatfullday Your time! Give the gift of yourself. Help your grandma shop, help a neighbor with baking, babysit for your sister, etc.

@brynmorgan Recipes!

@SusanLorelei A great sugar cookie recipe with a unique cookie cutter  ~ wrapped in colored cellophane & pretty bow

@KesiKeys Unconditional Love

@shannon_anicas I am doing gift baskets for the females and in each one I am writing them a letter to let them know how important they r 2me

@_StaceyChapman Donate ur time.There r many children and seniors who r lonely+would appreciate time 2 visit,read, share a meal.

@gabofurlong Pasar tiempo juntos, caminar por el parque, viajar a algun lugar cercano, escribirle una carta (written letter), algo asi

@DiedreBraverman A book you have owned and loved.
@ErinJones  Your time! Depending on the recipient, it can be help around the house, just hanging out, babysitting, running errands etc

@SAVERY Something handmade or homemade but still needs to be desired/appreciated.

@DrMichellexo My friends and I give each other the “gift of time”-we plan hike, coffee date, glass of wine with each other. Also, sleepover so couples can have “Date Night” or time alone in their own home without kids!

@LoriMoreno You know my answer honey, it’s LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, then More LOVE. Love you! LOL Lori

@MelyTJ94 Write a poem or song about all the great qualities that person has.

@DianneMR Something treasured of your own, or something lovingly created by you, perhaps a frame for a special photo. :o)

@amymoritz My time is “free” but valuable. No better gift than making time to spend with those important in my life doing something we both love!

@LEXXISAAL Just taking time for those you LOVE will give you a lifetime of memories instead of a gift that you will outgrow that costs money 🙂  (Lexxi is only 12 years old and already brilliant!)

@RkyMtnGuy -Free Gift.  Small box.  Wrapped nicely.  Inside 25 slips of papers.  Stories of why individual is special, unique, & loved.

@champlings With the holidays fast approaching, what’s the most meaningful FREE gift u can suggest as a gift?–love and understanding.

@francoaceruti Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expect different results”. The best free gift you can give to someone is to teach him/her how to break that circle.. How to watch himself/herself and correct the little every day actions/gesture/attitude to obtain the “different results” they are looking for. (Sent in 4 tweets!

@shelenebryan Your time. Invest in someone you love with undivided attention. & then this holiday. J

@zamees My time. 😉

@GlobalPilot Make or do something for another person, give the gift of your time.

@saltalamacchia A poem written with the giftee in mind. Maybe using some nice quality paper– NOT VIA EMAIL!!!

@Kevin_PriceCom The gift of ones self…Unconditionally. It is Free ($) to give your undivided attention to someone.

@lizmarshall The gift of gratitude!  A heartfelt, personal card outlining the reasons you appreciate & value the person receiving it!

@AndrewWindham Create someone’s favorite meal and take them to their favorite place to share it!

@BobbayWang If you’re friend is in an orchestra, he/she can usually get you some free tickets. I always appreciate a hand-made cards. It’s very personal. =)

@Steven_Jutzi Forgiveness and understanding are the most meaningful gifts.

@lisahempel Babysit for busy parents … they get a night off and you get to spend time with their kids. Win win!

MaryKay Morgan: “A letter written by hand on beautiful paper telling the recipient how they are special and what they have meant to you. ”

Kim M. Brandi Baldwin:  “A free massage or body treatment to help de-stress and relax friends/family/clients!”

Stacey Holtz Rubin: not original – I saw this on Oprah a couple years ago . . but it was so unique. Basically, you take a file box and make it into a ‘memory’ box. Be creative – decorate the box and come up with ‘unique’ file folder labels. Suggest shopping for a ‘vintage’ looking box you can use. It can include anything – make your own clippings of movies you saw, restaurants you ate it, etc. for one section; photos in another, etc.

Edie Weinstein:  I enjoy writing poetry for loved ones~ ♥

Michelle Gannon:   “My friends & I give each other the gift of “time”. Rather than gifts, we schedule time together for hikes, coffee dates or glass of wine. Love the holiday season!”

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  1. If you know someone who’s dealing with the loss of a loved one or who has lost their job, give them the gift of of your undivided attention and listen to them. Let them express whatever they’re feeling. It’s a gift that’s priceless especially in our culture where we often change the subject when people are expressing their grief.

  2. I make homemade breads, cookies, candy, jam, etc. which people really enjoy.
    Something from the heart means more than any store-bought item, which we usually
    have enough of…

    I also give massage certificates as they are much appreciated. When my family asks me
    what I want for xmas and Mother’s Day, I always ask for a massage by them..sometimes
    I get one, sometimes not, but they know that’s all I really want…

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