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Last night I watched’s Poetic Social Mission streaming live on their site. Celebrities from around the globe shared their talents and gathered Celebs For Watertogether to bring attention to the worldwide problem of water.  I was touched in a very deep way and feel connected to the world right now in such a profound way.

I was fortunate enough to interview Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil for and for my blog in the Huffington Post and also fortunate to connect with his staff at Cirque du Soleil and at I have been touched by these great people.

I knew Guy’s reason for going into space was to highlight the world’s water resources, but I wasn’t prepared for the depth of his mission, or the overwhelming reaction I’d feel watching his special highlighting water on planet Earth.

Our precious world needs help. Our water sources are dwindling, yet most of us don’t make changes or we think “that doesn’t affect me”. Guess again- it does. We only have one planet, and we have to share the resources globally.

In my life previous to, I’ve been on two non-profit boards, one for EarthSave International, which eduIstock_000006142173Xsmallcates and promotes a plant-based diet to reduce consumption of resources, and the Vital Ground Foundation, which protects grizzly habitat through land-conservation easements. Both were about protecting our precious resources on the planet. So, understanding  the magnitude of the earth’s water issues isn’t something that’s new to me- but, I learned things last evening that I didn’t know.

– One sixth of humanity uses the meltwater from mountain glaciers to drink and to irrigate their fields.

– In the Pacific Ocean, plastic waste carried by the current covers 600,000 km2 of the water’s surface—an area the size of France.

– In India, 75% of lakes and rivers are too polluted for drinking or even swimming.

– In China, 80% of the major rivers are so contaminated that they can no longer support aquatic life.

– About half of the rivers and lakes in the United States are too polluted for swimming or fishing.

– Oceans are becoming lifeless.

– A quarter of the world’s fish stocks are over exploited or exhausted.

– The women of Africa collectively walk the distance of 16 trips to the moon and back each day for water.

Can you even begin to imaging that? How is that possible? Somebody should do something about it- and that somebody is me.

My pledge to you today is this….. Guy and, we will help you with whatever resources, creativity, connections, and energy we have, to work together to solve this threat to our planet. Allow us to use our Global Hug Tour and partner with you to make an ever greater impact. I can make a difference, but together, we can change the world.

Thank you for your contribution to humanity and to the planet. We are humbled and we are grateful you are here. You have proven that one voice can make a difference and have inspired me to play even bigger.

To our readers, will you join us to get involved in your community to help us make the world a better place for all?


– Cut back on bottled water

Use environmentally friendly hygiene and cleaning products

Eat a vegetarian meal tonight instead of meat

The Earth is our oasis in the solar system. For a better world future, access to water is vital for life, development and dignity. Help us make it happen now.

With love, respect and and appreciation,


Additionally, here are two more questions and answers from Guy, live from the Space Station….

From Sheila from CBS News. As a civilian going to space, what’s the thing that surprised you the most?

Guy: I think I’m still overwhelmed by the entire experience by itself, you know, from take off to, you know, when first you’re in contact with weightlessness, arriving and the first look at Planet Earth, arriving and that view of the ISS station. So far I have not yet digested the entire experience. So I would say it is the entire package that is such a blast.

From Josh, CNN News. How does Earth look different to you now?

Guy: Well, first of all, it is emotionally different. I’m a big lover of Earth on Earth. I’m always watching sunsets and sailing around, I love the environment, but having a look from up here is quite amazing to, you know, it touches you emotionally and this is what it changes, this will be an emotion that will stick forever in me. I love it more, even after this trip.

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  1. Thank you Gail for publishing your “Water – Our Most Precious Resource” in the Huffington Post. For whatever reason, whether it be the attention created by Guy Laliberte’s creative effort, or your knowledge based on your multimedia research – every drop of sharing water knowledge and concern helps to awaken others. Such behavior is the basis for the salvation of humanity at this time.
    A water awakening of billions of humans will be required to help us take the next step in our evolution. That evolution will touch on the practice of such things as you mention, eating vegetarian as often as possible, not buying bottled water, using biodegradable products, and many other things. Thank you for using your voice in the “Huffington Post” to help humanity crawl in the direction of growing up into a responsible, life affirming, intelligent species.

    1. Dear William,

      You are most welcome. I was so honored to interview Guy and will help the cause of water in any way that I can. We’re looking forward to making water issues one of the primary causes for our Global Hug Tour.

      Thank you again for your comment.



  2. A problem that I have never thought about so seriously. Awful! But now I want to thank Guy Laliberte for drawing attention to the situation with water resources on our planet. We MUST remember about it! In my country not all people have water counters in their houses. We just pay a limited sum of money and can use as much water as we want. I think it leads to irresponsible use of this important precious resource. I hope that the behavior of Guy Laliberte made a lot of people think about the situation and reconsider their views.

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