If you want to achieve full vitality, then feed your cells the very best food that is the most packed with vitamins, minerals, essential fats and antioxidants per bite.
You are directly affected by what you eat. If you are eating poorly, it shows up on your body. If you are eating well, the body of your dreams shows up.

Finding Daily Moments of Joy

Life is about the journey, not the destination. If you believe this deeply, in the marrow of your spirit, you will treasure each day and take ownership of your time. This means that every day should hold moments of joy and hope for you; your job is to figure out how to usher such moments into your life on a daily basis. For me, this means writing in my journal as a gentle way to enter the day. I go into my study, cup of tea in hand, pick up pencil and notebook. Usually, both have been selected with care…. Read more.

Choose Sacred, Not Scared

Right now is a life and death battle between sacred and scared. The scale swings sometimes wildly. Fear is what comes and scares us. They came to you at some time in the past when you needed that protective warning and now they have overstayed their welcome and you haven’t booted them out. The love/fear scale is to test our awareness. More love, less fear; more fear, less love. Love is the great dispeller of fear. Love is the great bringer of sacred. Have you noticed that when you go take care of someone else, when you listen to someone… Read more.

Eat Right, Feel Right, Be Right

You were meant to have energy, joy and be pain free. You were meant to have chemistry happen properly in your cells. If you have lost your energy, lost your joy or have pain, the chemistry in your cells has gone awry. You are alive because of chemistry. When the chemistry stops, you die. When it happens incorrectly, molecules get made incorrectly and the wrong shape, or the molecules are not made at all. The accumulation of incorrectly shaped molecules damage you cells, then your organs and then you. You develop fatigue, pain, depression and more. That is how we… Read more.

Weight Loss – It’s All In Your Mind

Health and Wealth Because of a Little Blue Dress

About a month ago, I was in New York City and stopped into Loehmann’s, an off-price store known for great deals on high-end merchandise. I stumbled upon the perfect little blue cocktail dress at the right price and bought it, even though I had no idea where I would wear it. This dress was a designer dress and the original price was over $2000, but it was discounted to only $180.  The dress is gorgeous and the perfect color for me. The only thing “wrong” with it, is that it’s the wrong size (or I am), but I bought it… Read more.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Vitamix Winner!

About two weeks ago I posted a blog offering a chance to win a Vitamix. I asked that people send in the entry an complete the sentence-“I want to win a Vitamix because….”. Little did I know that we’d be swamped with responses, each one pulling at my heartstrings. I had no idea the need would be so great, the stories so sincere and the decision practically impossible to make. I was supposed to announce the winner in this blog post earlier this week, but our team kept going back and forth between several finalists. Then we reached out to… Read more.

Green Smoothies!

I’m embarrassed to remember back a few months ago when I was discussing health on the telephone with Vitamix president Jodi Barnard, and I proudly shared that I’d just had a smoothie for breakfast. For me, that meant dumping protein powder, a few berries and some water and ice into my Cuisinart blender and hoping it would chop the ice fine enough to drink, which it did….sometimes. When she asked me if I’d ever had a green smoothie, I had to confess, that not only had I never had one, I wasn’t even sure what it was. Boy, did I… Read more.

Celebrating Differences

Just a few days ago I wrote a blog called “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”. The blog included my personal favorite things as well as a list compiled from contributions from 100 friends in my social media family. This blog spurred conversation with my immediate and my extended family that brought up some very interesting stuff. My husband and I discussed this blog when he was out of town, before I posted it. It was a cold wintry day in Montana and Darryl asked me if I had the fire going. I told him that I didn’t,… Read more.

Water – Our Most Precious Resource

Last night I watched’s Poetic Social Mission streaming live on their site. Celebrities from around the globe shared their talents and gathered together to bring attention to the worldwide problem of water.  I was touched in a very deep way and feel connected to the world right now in such a profound way. I was fortunate enough to interview Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil for and for my blog in the Huffington Post and also fortunate to connect with his staff at Cirque du Soleil and at I have been touched by these great people…. Read more.

The Balance of the Scales- Day 6 update (for Friday)

One of the themes in my life is definitely balance. As you know, this past week I’ve begun the process to release some extra weight. I’m not a patient person and I want it gone now. Don’t you just love arguing with reality? I don’t usually get great results when I do that. Anyway, I followed a very strict program for the last week and it’s not fun. I know, it’s not “supposed” to be fun, but I guess I look at it this way. In my mind, there are three main indicators that what I’m doing is working- 1)… Read more.