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Inspiration is one of the indefinables of life, like love, talent, creativity and happiness. And like love or happiness it is not ours to own or possess.

It is part of something deeper than our personality.

Spiral By Razorfrog

Firstly, we have to be able to recognise it! Once we can recognise it we need to invite it in, seize the moment when it happens and go with it. This implies a couple of things: that it is helpful to have a lifestyle and attitude conducive to inspiration. This is what is meant by an attitude of ‘Yes!’ and one of adventure. Saying ‘No.’ Keeps us locked into what we know. Saying No means we don’t want things to move or change.

Inspiration is like fresh air and saying yes is like having the windows open. As soon as we close the windows to keep the fresh air in the room it becomes stale.

Or a clenched fist that wants to hold on can only contain a pocket of air while an open hand that trusts, holds the entire world.

The second implication is having the craft or guile to move with inspiration. Following your bliss doesn’t mean you wont face tough times, quite the opposite! Bliss is earned through the tension of opposites and finding the middle way between them. Following your bliss means you are ready to face the challenge, you are ready to accept your gifts. Accepting your greatness is a big challenge to identity. Our identities are intermingled with the eyes of others. Embracing your talent can produce fear and jealousy in those around you. You may even lose friends. This is why many people don’t want to be brilliant. It is the easy option to remain small and not shake the boat.

‘How do I know if I am following my bliss?’ You never want to stop! When you have an intellectual idea of how you should fit in, or one given to you by others, there’s always a part deep down within that just wants whatever you are doing to stop. You may even be enjoying your tennis match, or yoga class, or helping a client, but at the end of the day when you end the session, it always feels like a relief. It was an effort.

Being effortless means you can keep going. It’s not a job for you, it’s a hobby. GREAT challenges can come in your chosen field but you are happy to face them. In fact the bigger challenge brings more energy. This is where inspiration happens in abundance. Inspiration is the flowering of your natural flow with the activity that requires no effort from you to want to do it in the first place.

Sometimes you are so inspired by your work it simply becomes your life. This is what it means to inspire others by your presence. You don’t have to say inspiring quotes, you may simply be talking about your craft but the manner in which you are talking allows a transmission of your inner light, that is ignited by your lifestyle, to spark someone else.

Inspiration is the light of your true self manifesting through your true path.

Find the path that fits like a shoe, but don’t try too hard! It is YOU remember, your life, your light shining through, your bliss.

Don’t worry it will happen naturally just get out of your own way when it does!

Photo Credit: Max Elman.

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Chobo-ji is a Satsang teacher, writer and theatre director. He spent decades on a spiritual journey as well as continuing creative studies. His many years of meditation, studying and seeking led him to a deep understanding that the essence of spirituality lies in two words: human being. Being 'spiritual' was the obstacle to truth. 

His work is an integration of creativity, human heart and natural presence. He has run workshops throughout the UK.

Chobo-ji works with seekers from all over the world. He lives in Scotland but through the wonders of the internet has regular skype meetings. He welcomes all genuine seekers into finding their own truth here and now. 

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  1. Went to a meeting where Chobo-ji was the presence. Highly recommend all to attend Choboji’s meetings.

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