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Chobo-ji is a Satsang teacher, writer and theatre director. He spent decades on a spiritual journey as well as continuing creative studies. His many years of meditation, studying and seeking led him to a deep understanding that the essence of spirituality lies in two words: human being. Being 'spiritual' was the obstacle to truth. 

His work is an integration of creativity, human heart and natural presence. He has run workshops throughout the UK.

Chobo-ji works with seekers from all over the world. He lives in Scotland but through the wonders of the internet has regular skype meetings. He welcomes all genuine seekers into finding their own truth here and now. 

For more information, please visit choboji.com

Today’s Brilliance from Chobo-ji

Remain open. Hold no philosophy for or against, however be completely passionate about your present experience. Go into each moment with vigour and heart, true to your understanding. If you embrace the present with your own truth, the present will gift you with a new truth, a different insight. Flow with reality. Do not hold onto the past or your views, or you will still believe the world is flat. Accept your truth, but also accept your truth is not the truth. You are love. Dance with life, every person you meet is unique and every encounter reveals a new…

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Creative Education, part 1

There are two types learning: objective and subjective. Objective, 1+1 = 2 learning is the transference of knowledge from teacher to student. You either know the answer or you don't. It is expansive; the more you learn, the better you are. It is comparative; it is clear when you know more than others. This wonderful world of science, business and results produces a stable world that fulfills our survival needs to the fullest. It is a mindset of doing and achieving. It is the way of the ego. It is maintained in contrast to something else. It is necessary for a certain…

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What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is one of the indefinables of life, like love, talent, creativity and happiness. And like love or happiness it is not ours to own or possess. It is part of something deeper than our personality. Firstly, we have to be able to recognise it! Once we can recognise it we need to invite it in, seize the moment when it happens and go with it. This implies a couple of things: that it is helpful to have a lifestyle and attitude conducive to inspiration. This is what is meant by an attitude of 'Yes!' and one of adventure. Saying…

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