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Remain open.

Hold no philosophy for or against, however be completely passionate about your present experience. Go into each moment with vigour and heart, true to your understanding. If you embrace the present with your own truth, the present will gift you with a new truth, a different insight.

Flow with reality.

Do not hold onto the past or your views, or you will still believe the world is flat. Accept your truth, but also accept your truth is not the truth.

You are love.

Dance with life, every person you meet is unique and every encounter reveals a new side to yourself. Allow others to affect you. What we need is a deep intimacy with life and a myriad of astonishing moments. The vast expansion of our self, it’s endless capacity to adapt, change and explore, has magic hidden at the core. The unchanging centre is revealed by the contrast of the ever changing.

Do not be afraid.

Explore and discover. Be free to be disciplined. Be free to drop discipline. Life is art. You are your own art work. Do not exclude anything by the say so of someone else. Be wary of anyone who claims to have figured out life.

Life is mysterious.

The heart of wonder is discovered when you realise life is unknowable. Be childlike. This means do not make words more important than what you are experiencing. Words are beautiful but they are limited. The deeper joy lies beyond them.

We are free.

We can do anything we want if only we can realise it. We can drop all religions, all rules, all ideas, all barriers and all nations, because we created them. We can create new ones! Yes! Simple as that. Do not be held down by the dead. To be an individual one must be individual!

Be courageous.

The size of a crowd can be daunting. Sometimes one must go against everyone to fulfil ones truth. Sometimes one whispers it in the night. The only way to find ones individual balance on the tightrope of life is to fall off. The rules of society are created by mind. Rules are not truth, they are just a method to help us get along. If we are to find our true nature we will have to, have to, at some point break the rules.

Life is art.

The true artist will reflect the journey of the individual to break out of the confines of the collective. It is the journey we all make. It is the unfolding of our life. It is never too late because the goal is ourself. We are the mystery we seek and we are the love we seek. This world is our world. We are alone and together. Both. I call it souluna. The place of paradox.

Stay open to life.

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Chobo-ji is a Satsang teacher, writer and theatre director. He spent decades on a spiritual journey as well as continuing creative studies. His many years of meditation, studying and seeking led him to a deep understanding that the essence of spirituality lies in two words: human being. Being 'spiritual' was the obstacle to truth. 

His work is an integration of creativity, human heart and natural presence. He has run workshops throughout the UK.

Chobo-ji works with seekers from all over the world. He lives in Scotland but through the wonders of the internet has regular skype meetings. He welcomes all genuine seekers into finding their own truth here and now. 

For more information, please visit

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  1. I appreciate how you broke down the categories into simple statements to absorb.
    The word imagery is delightful (balance on the tightrope of life, break out of the confines of the collective, dance with life, and life is art).
    Thanks for this upbeat post.

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