Zero Degrees of Separation

  • by Rev. Edie Weinstein

    According to Wikipedia: “six degrees of separation (also referred to as the “Human Web”) refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth.”

    All well and good, but in my life, the ratio seems to be far more intriguing. Chances are someone I know, knows someone else that I know. I come by that gift genetically since nearly everywhere we went, my father knew someone. I couldn’t figure out how he did it. Now I know. He befriended people everywhere he went. Simple as that.

    During a recent speaking engagement, II shared stories about the Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb trail that led me to that community, to my husband, to some of my dearest friends who at one point, I didn’t know existed on the planet. As I was regaling them, in walks a young woman named Ruthanne Wood. A visionary writer and life coach, Ruth is part of that web. When Michael and I met in 1986, we were introduced by a local artist named Ute Arnold. At the time, Ute had open house gatherings in her home. I began attending them and delighting in the kindred souls who showed up. One of them was a precocious 11 year old whose mother Catherine would bring her. A ‘grown up in a kid suit’, “Ruth the poet” as Michael called her, would read her creations to us. This was quality stuff, and it was hard to perceive that it came from the imagination of a pre-teen. I had the joy of watching Ruth grow up and a few years ago, when Ruth met Jason and decided to get married, she asked if I would officiate. I was deeply touched. I heard echoing in my own mind what my mother and others of her generation would say as they sighed “They grow up so quickly.” Apparently they do, since Ruth is now 34 years old.

    The social networking phenom known as facebook is based on the same principle. I joined it a few months ago and already, I am connected to close to 1386 people. Some I know in face to face life and some I know in cyber-land via contacts with other friends. Amazing to know that someone with whom I share thoughts and dreams, inspiration and fun is only a mouse click away. It brings to mind the Disney theme park ride song

    “Small World”
    It’s a world of laughter
    – A world of tears

    It’s a world of hopes
    – And a world of fears

    There’s so much that we share
    – That it’s time we’re aware

    It’s a small world after all

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