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I would share these ten laws of the mind that I have found to be true.

1. You are the maker of your fortune — and also of your misfortune.

2. Opinions, beliefs and judgements are the fence around the playing field of life. Depending on the opinions, beliefs and judgements you uphold personally, your playing field is going to be either small or large. Thus everybody writes their own life program.

3. Your opinions, beliefs and judgements are the result of your experiences, be they good or bad. Their essence is expressed as your character since by upholding certain beliefs you mold yourself gradually into a characteristic shape.

4. Negative beliefs are created in situations of extreme stress and trauma such as a life crisis or an accident. They are negative in that they negate your potential goodness and ability. Often they remain hidden from you, and form a blind spot. Yet even when seen they cannot easily be changed at will. You might consider them an unshakable truth. “Well, that’s just me”, you think.

5. Each game in life starts with a positive outlook: “I’m going to make it!” You are playing with the conviction of winning. However as you encounter losses, frustration creeps in. Eventually you turn negative, and say: “I’m never going to make it!” From now on the game is played with the conviction of losing. A positive program was replaced by a negative one.

6. Stress is created by positive and negative programs colliding with each other. Because secretly the positive outlook remains intact, it was never truly cancelled. It only became overshadowed by the negative one. The moment you are reminded of the positive the negative works against it, and vice versa. This way you are pulled in two directions at once. Thus there is conflict and mental tension. It shows as depression, indecisiveness and inability to act.

7. In order to remedy the situation you could attempt to overlay negative programs with positive ones. You could pretend to yourself that all was well. Yet this only amounts to lying to yourself as it does not make the negative programs go away. They still act on you “from behind”. Positive programs can only be fully acted out in life when they are not linked with negative ones.

8. Now to the good news: negative programs can be cancelled. It is indeed possible. To do so you will have to find and re-experience the incident when the negative program was first created. This takes courage.

9. All unwanted conditions of life have a starting point. Nothing has “always been like that”. That is why everything can be changed for the better. Goodness and love are forever.

10. Most problems, even those of the body, have their origin in the mind. As the mind becomes balanced the body becomes healthy and life is fun. Success and happiness are indeed attainable.

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Born in Germany in 1948, Rolf U. Kramer is a transpersonal psychotherapist and consciousness development trainer with 30 years of experience. He graduated in clinical psychology at the university of Munster/Germany, and also studied Roger's client-centered therapy, hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, yoga, meditation, aikido, kinesiology. He has done a lot of travelling in the Americas, India, Australia and Asia. Since 1985 he practices as a private practitioner in his country home in central Germany. Yet he is also operating abroad, and is involved with British scientific societies.

On the basis of his studies and insights Rolf U. Kramer has worked out a method of personality coaching and consciousness expansion which is registered under the trade name of MindWalking. Anyone can be trained in it.

Rolf U. Kramer has written a number of books, notably Unbounded! Exploring Spirituality Through MindWalking.

The Future is Yours!, deals with finding one’s vocation and acting in such a way as to make it come true.

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    1. Dear Katrina, rest assured, there is absolutely no evidence for the mind to be part of the body, or for the mind to be a product of the brain. Spirit and mind are indeed greater.

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