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1. Forgive. Not as a favor to others or because you’re holy, but to set yourself free. As long as you hate or hold a grudge against someone, you are their prisoner. They are in control of your life and you’ve given them that power. They may be long gone, have forgotten about you, or even be dead, but if they can still make you think of them in anger, you are their prisoner. Forgive and set yourself free.

2. Love and serve others. We don’t have to like everyone or agree with what they say or do, but we can love one another. I’ve found when you serve others in need, your own problems are diminished.

3. It’s always too early to quit. You never know what’s around the next bend, when the door will open for you or what angels are out there working on your behalf. “Failure” no longer exists in my vocabulary. Failure can only become a reality the moment you choose to give up.

4. Accept your circumstances. Really accept them. Once you accept what is, you can begin to see what’s possible.

5, Choose your response. You may not always be able to choose your circumstances, but you can always choose your response. This is the key to happiness. I am living proof that when you choose your response, it is possible to be happy and at peace even in the most horrendous of circumstances. You really get to choose whether to be happy or sad, grateful or angry, at peace or hate-filled by choosing your response. The circumstance becomes inconsequential.

6. Lead by example. If you want something changed, do it yourself. Don’t sit around and complain. Take action or stop complaining. The respect of others comes from what we do, not what we say.

7. There is a great illness in our society: want. When you believe you need what you want, you feel empty, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, restless. Take a moment to look around you, however, and count your blessings. This will fill the void of want you confuse with need.

8. Understand that there is no “there.” There is no place to get to or position to attain where everything is perfect. We are always striving to get “there”… and missing here, now. We put off our happiness and joy today in our pursuit of getting “there.”

9. Stop WHYning! Asking “Why” is not a very useful question. It’s whiney and complaining and rarely yields a satisfactory answer. I’ve found a better question to ask is, “What for?” For what purpose is this happening? What am I to learn from this circumstance or do with the knowledge I gained?

10. Exercise your Power of Choice. So often you say, “I had no choice.” There is always a choice. The problem is, you may not like the options, so you say you have no choice. Don’t imprison yourself with the myth that you are not choosing your life. You are at every moment. So choose consciously.

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Reon Schutte is an internationally acclaimed speaker who shares the epic story of his life, starting as an elite solider of the South African Special Forces to the 13 years he spent as a Prisoner of War in Zimbabwe’s infamously brutal Chikurubi prison.

Since his pardon and release in 2004, he has presented his story of survival and overcoming inconceivable adversity to more than 1 million people around the globe, from business executives to students, prisoners to cancer survivors, war veterans to government leaders, and more. He consistently garners scores of 9.5-10 on a scale of 10 from organizations such as the Young President’s Organization (YPO) and Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO).

SET YOURSELF FREE: REON SCHUTTE'S 10 PRINCIPLES TO BREAK OUT OF YOUR PERSONAL PRISON THROUGH THE POWER OF CHOICE is Schutte’s long-awaited first book, which he has written alongside award-winning author, journalist and certified life coach Maggie Kuhn Jacobus. It is available for purchase via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major online retailers.

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