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Every plan in life is different; each one leads to its own perfection. Every moment is a conscious choice. Everyone of us holds a seed of greatness—the key to success in life.

The gem of this seed is the asset that develops our dreams, goals and wishes. It is just a matter of what strengths we need to develop. We can choose to use those strengths at any time for the greater good of our family or to enrich our business.

Success comes from a strong team support. Whether the support arrives from family members, fellow associates or clients, our efforts of learning and growing beckons the need to build lasting relationships.

Forging lasting relationships bridges the generation gap and strengthens bonds among family members and friends. This also opens doors to partnerships and business opportunities. A lasting relationship is the camaraderie and connection that two people share for an extended period of time. Reaching out to family members, friends, clients and business associates with genuine enthusiasm, support and gratitude builds trust and respect.

The road to wealth is defined by the path of your relationships. The recipe for building lasting relationships requires the use of three ingredients: authenticity, humility and speaking from the heart.

  • Authenticity is personal branding. Who are you and what are your values? The authentic you creates the right first impression and has core values that never change.
  • Humility is the hidden confidence. The humble you views humility as strength, uses love to overcome fear and leads with a compassionate heart.
  • Speaking from the heart is effective communication. The expressive you listens to learn, discovers resources to add value and speaks the truth and faces the consequences. Mastering the challenge these ingredients present will result in fostering soul connections, opening doors, establishing opportunities and leaving a legacy of love.

When we allow our love to exceed our fear, we will experience harmony in everything we do. When love is given without regard to conditions, it provides us with the empowerment that drives our ambition to succeed. The power of unconditional love transcends all religious beliefs, genders, cultures and ages. It reminds us that we are all part of a bigger world, and we all have potential to succeed in life.


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Johnny Tan lived a life of unconditional love for the last 33 years. His journey began when he started college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Adopted at birth by his Malaysian mom, he realized the rich spiritual connections that resulted from meeting his foster mom in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and 7 other women who would play important roles in his life. They represented his teachers, coaches, and counselors. Guided by his business achievements and his 9 moms, Johnny experienced the passion to compose From My Mamaʼs Kitchen to honor his moms and mothers everywhere. Released with the endorsement of the National Association of Mothers’ Centers, the book has won five awards and made the Amazon Best Seller List in several categories.

The bookʼs success lead him to establish a powerful platform. Johnny launched his consulting and speaking career to teach strategies on how to use the power of unconditional love to attain harmony. Today, Johnny is also a featured host of a weekly Internet radio program, FMMK Talk Radio, which ranks in the top .1% of Blog Talk Radioʼs most popular shows. Guests have included The New Times number one best-selling authors and experts from the U.S. and other countries.

Johnny’s leadership experience extends from being a former corporate executive for eight years to owning his own business. He also served his community as chairman of Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitor Bureau in 2001, commissioner of Baton Rouge Sister Cities Commission in 2000, chairman of Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Committee in 1998, as well as chairman of Project Baton Rouge 2020—a Vision of Opportunity with a World of Possibility in 1997, and president of Louisiana Restaurant Association Baton Rouge Chapter in 1995.

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