37 Critical Insights on Life


If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • Be a strategic architect for the environment of your life; nothing will impact your life more than the information you consume and people you associate with.

    Relationships are THE key to happiness; choose your friends carefully.

    Find peace in forgiveness; both in yourself and others

    Learn to express compassion while holding yourself and others to high standards

    Ask yourself and others quality questions and listen intently

    Having extraordinary relationships is more often about becoming the right person than finding the right person

    Learn how to meet other people’s needs without neglecting your own needs

    Do not shrink yourself in order to please others – live fully

    Refuse to get wrapped up in drama and negativity; we see what we seek in ourselves and others. Get fascinated not frustrated; curious not critical

    Value the wisdom of others while following your heart

    Develop a reputation for giving. Do nice things for people anonymously who can’t repay you, however, remember that giving to yourself IS essential in giving to others

    You were born to contribute and share your gifts with the world

    Be an ambassador and force for all that is good

    Take care of your body; it takes care of you

    Laugh and smile so that your face hurts

    Connect with nature and do something physical each day

    Keep things in perspective and live in gratitude

    Travel the world and explore other ways of living – find joy in the adventure

    Believe in yourself and others

    Life has contradictions; there can be two right answers

    Be where you are

    Feed yourself positive information daily

    Make a list of your values and read them often

    Trust your heart, intuition and instincts – they are your best life guides; they are pure

    You’re mind is powerful beyond measure – use it responsibly

    For your birthday, remember that you ARE the present, and to BE present

    You don’t have to know the future to be certain about the present

    Finding your voice is the key to personal growth, and helping others find theirs is the key to paying it forward

    You cannot not matter

    There are no failures; just moments of discovery

    Spend less than you earn. Strike a healthy balance between investing in experiences today and saving for memories of tomorrow

    Personal growth doesn’t have to mean discovering something new about yourself, but can simply mean remembering what’s great about yourself

    Choose meaning carefully; it will be cause of your rise or demise

    Make a list of all the things you want to do, experience, feel, share, have and give in your lifetime – put it somewhere you’ll see it often

    Constantly challenge yourself and others to create fulfilling, dynamic and authentic lives

    Record your life with words, pictures, video, art and memories

    Live life in the front row

    Jon Vroman

    Jon Vroman’s purpose in life is to help others "Live Life In The Front Row™," both through his charitable organization, The Front Row Foundation and through his speaking and coaching.

    In 2005, Jon established The Front Row Foundation, which provides children and adults who have life threatening illnesses the rare opportunity to see the concert, sporting event or live performance of their dreams from the front row. www.frontrowfoundation.org.

    When he’s not serving as the Executive Director of the Front Row, Jon is busy serving others as one of the leading coaches and speakers on the topics of personal development, leadership strategies, communication skills and relationship building. Learn more by visiting MyFrontRowLife.com.

    Jon lives happily in Virginia Beach with his wife and son. He’s a family guy who you’ll often catch running the beaches as the sun comes up.

    If you ask Jon’s friends and clients and they’ll likely say, "He’s an all-around nice guy who wants to leave the world a better place."

    Book Jon today by emailing info@myfrontrowlife.com or calling 856-448-4769.


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