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It is my belief that the most important things in life are the lessons we learn while we are here. Through our passion, willingness to take risks, the assurance that it is OKAY to fail, along with deep love and heartfelt relationships, we learn the most important lessons in life.

A lifetime filled with lessons is your e-ticket ride to living passionately, with a sense of unstoppability, and the deep desire to go for your dreams and chase what you love. If you are not faced with tests throughout your life, there is no way to defend and clarify what you truly believe in. These lessons teach you what is important to you, and you alone. Simply put: They help you define your destiny.

So what have some of my lessons been?

First off, to continually learn to “expect the unexpected.” Yes, try as I might, I can make plans, but I learned a long time ago that I am simply not in control of the outcome. Rather than being upset about the unexpected, I’ve learned to embrace it. I learned that by embracing and exploring the unknown, not only do I walk down a new path, I get a new chance of discovery. How exciting.

Another lesson I’ve learned is to “let go.” Sounds corny I know, but it is true. For years, I would worry, as I wanted to control the outcome. I wanted things to be “right” or “perfect.” Then one day I realized that there was no such thing as “right”, no “perfect.” I realized that who I was and what I had to offer was enough. Yes, that I, Nancy Mills, was enough.

When I learned that lesson, I knew that I was on my way to truly understanding my self-worth. I didn’t need Madison Avenue’s definition of perfect, but mine. I no longer had to be better, or try harder, or learn how to be. I was enough. And that my friends is my greatest lesson of all.

And I urge you to look into the mirror today, and shout, scream, and holler, “I AM ENOUGH AS I AM.” You know why? Because you are.

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Nancy Mills is the Creator of the Spirited Woman Approach to Life, the founder of, and the publisher of the popular Spirited Woman Blogger Team. She is also a self-inspirational writer for women and a new media pioneer, and is recognized for her creative "out of the box" marketing ideas. She consults with clients worldwide. Known for her inspirational insight and interview style, Nancy also moderates the Spirited Woman Circle, an exclusive monthly conversation series with famous women authors, actresses, radio personalities, editors, and more. She is a member of PEN, an advocate for the non-profit, A Window Between Worlds, a graduate of UCLA, and an avid fan of mysteries and gourmet cooking.

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