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In the midst of everything, happiness is still all around you. The Universe is delighted with you- all of you.

Given all that unconditional love supporting you, you can choose who you want to be.

Here are some things I’ve learned.

1) Live your life on purpose, as a creator, with personal freedoms. Make more choices that nurture your simple joys, talents, relationships with loved ones, your contribution, your connection to abundant source and spirit.

2) Making choices based on staying close to your passions, purpose, and calling expands everything else in your world. You stay in the zone of fun, synchronicity, attraction, flow, prosperity- there is a one ness between the universe and you.

3) I have also learned that if you make choices based on anything else, you travel further away from your center. Less happens. You try harder, you do more things dedicated to make it work. You struggle. Forget things. There is a numb separateness between you and life.

4) At this moment, if you are taking stock and want this to be a transformational year full of gifts from your soul, I suggest two unlikely places to look where our freedoms and vitality sometimes get recaptured.

Most of us are looking for ways to live with passion and purpose. It’s critical to do so, and some people find it challenging. These places to look may surprise you with valuable information…

Your Irritations

Take a good look at what irritates you. Yes, irritates! Why? Not to get worked up all over again- but to take a compassionate look inside the things that won’t let you alone. When you examine your irritations, what you find inside them are things you really care about that have remained with you unexamined. They are like grains of sand inside an oyster.

Unexamined ‘grains’ become even bigger pains, like a toothache in your soul. Un-acted upon, they cause consequences in who you are destined to be and can be. You won’t become all that you truly are until you look in a new way at your annoyances and irritations.

Your Vanities

Have the courage to ask yourself… What are your vanities? What makes you feel attractive, smart, or important? Is it being on the A team, being consulted by someone important, making a lot of money, looking young? If so, what are the consequences? Is the game bringing you alive? Or is it killing you? Such questions increase our self awareness, which ultimately is our best way to make adjustments to doing what brings us alive.

Examine these places and seek freedom from any entrapments of your making that do not bring you more alive. It takes courage and reckoning. It takes self acceptance, forgiveness and mercy. And lo and behold, when you do it, the universe floods back to you with a swoop, delighted to see you again, surrounding you with happiness.

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Dianne Legro is an international motivational speaker, award winning singer, a voice specialist and leading speech/presentations skills coach for authors, coaches, speakers, healing professionals and executives.

For the past two decades, Dianne has coached individuals and Fortune 500 Companies, like Starbucks, Pfizer, Johnson's Waz and GE, and top government agencies introducing servant leadership & "full presence" presentation skills.

As a veteran Broadway stage performer, Dianne knows how mastering public speaking & performance skills can catapult your career. Her speaking system makes your speaking a fun, meaningful experience of your best self, and increases your profits and influence exponentially in your business and practice.

Dianne gives keynote speeches, group workshops, coaches clients one-to-one at her offices on California’s beautiful central coast and on the phone to clients all around the globe. She is also the host and Producer of the "Meet The Masters Of Success" interview series which has an extraordinary worldwide following.

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