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Who has the power to change your destiny? Who is the one who will make tomorrow happen today? Who will help you discover life’s true colors?


You deserve empowerment. You deserve motivation. You deserve happiness.

You deserve to love and be loved.

You do deserve the best. Even though nothing in this world is handed to you, if you really want to reach your destination, push through all challenges and your success will be waiting on the other side. Meet every challenge with a smile and a heart full of motivation. Slow down, give yourself enough time and get acquainted with your inner wisdom.

This inner knowing, your gut, and voice of your soul gives you access to valuable information. Trust yourself, always, and over anyone else, because no one knows you like you do. You have the power to create, change and elevate at any given moment.

Don’t ever take no for an answer. If you are told something cannot be done, denied a request, receive disappointing news, or hit the proverbial wall, always, always, always look around the corner or explore the hidden crawl spaces for a solution.

If you look hard enough, the door will appear just waiting to be opened. Whatever the circumstance, there is always a way to make positive changes. Never settle for anything less than joy and your highest potential.

Let go. You cannot control the way in which the earth spins. Instead, spin with the planet and shine your inner light towards the sun. Free yourself from your past and remove the burdens. Once the illusion of control has dissolved, you can experience a newfound sense of freedom and pride as you discover your true potential.

Your new energy simply attracts opportunities, relationships, money and joy into your life – with very little effort on your part. And when it comes to your business, this same energy will draw your clients to you. Let go of the control issues. Let go of the negative opinions around you. Free yourself.

Squeeze the juice out of every minute. Don’t take life for granted and make the most out of everything you do. Life is what is happening right now, not in the future. Take a deep breath, make a decision to succeed and then jump in with both feet. This is how you become the creator, rather than the reactor, of any destiny you desire.


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Allison Maslan is a serial entrepreneur with 10 of her own companies. She is a number one bestselling author and the president of Blast Off! Business & Life Mentoring where she mentors big thinking entrepreneurs to grow high-revenue businesses and healthy and passionate lives.

Allison's live online television show, Allie & You: The Business Success and Lifestyle Show, airs every Wednesday at 4:15pm PST.

Allison is happy to offer you the 8 Secrets of Millionaire Entrepreneurs, a free cd, at her website.

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading the four ways to get the best out of life. I think you touch on things that we take for granted, but that if we deliberately apply into our daily lives can make such a huge difference. My very favorite was “Let go of the past”. I think so many of us get hung up on the past and it prevents us from creating our present and future to be the very best it can be. It reminded me of something I recently wrote with my own personal experience regarding grieving the past in order to move forward Thank you for sharing your insight in an inspiring way.


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