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When my wife was pregnant with our daughter, I anxiously anticipated her arrival with thoughts of what kind of perfect father I would be. I thought of all the wisdom I had gathered, all the stuff in my brain I could teach her, all the perfect lessons she would learn form the vast knowledge I had accumulated.

In the hospital it was a trying wait. Shortly after they cut the umbilical cord from a harrowing and difficult birth, and after the neonatal trauma team had checked her out, a nurse called me over to see my new born child. I blearily looked down at my daughter Grace as she opened her eyes for the first time.

It was as if I were watching the Universe’s Computer boot up for the first time. It was in that moment that I realized my conceptions of life on Earth were all upside down.

Seeing the majesty of her perfect little form, I knew right then that I knew nothing at all. That my pretensions of authority and intellectual achievement were but a heady shadow play on the walls of the heart. In that moment of illumination, I vowed that I would live my life in service to this perfect little consciousness. That there was nothing to fix or add.

As I watch her grow, I am moved daily by the magic she brings into the world. It is a magic we all possess, deep within us. A magic that knows. It is a magic of the heart.

We, each of us, face daily challenges. These are our trials, struggles and victories to maintain a way of life while pursuing when we can a deeper understanding of who we are to this wild and mind-bogglingly diverse world. We each have our stories.

Do you tell yours from your head, or your heart? Do you listen for the synchronicity in your life that opens you to a greater circle of cause and effect than our little minds can fathom? Can you find the sadness that is hiding behind the blame, and when it is brought out, can you open your heart and forgive? From the story of the heart, life is a simple, Universally Grand Gift.

We live in an auspicious time, a magnificent time to be alive and a shift from the mind to the heart is upon us. It lives in every child born. It lives in you. Our awakening to our hearts just a little more each day is the only real job we have on earth. Everything, I mean everything, will follow from that when we open our eyes and our hearts to ourselves.

“Henceforth be all my aim, To wrap secretive memory around, The New conceived within me, Waking and making strong, Powers that to me belong, So that I grow up to become Myself.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

Peace to all, Dave Z

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Dave Z has always been drawing. From the start, he has pulled images from his imagination and also observed the motion and emotion from life, filled a thousand sketchbooks, and can always be found with a drawing pen in his pocket and blank pages nearby. He has been a professional at this for twenty years and has shown his art in shows nationally and internationally.

As a former Disney Animator, Dave contributed his talents to such modern classics as Beauty and the Beast, AladdinPocahontas, The Lion King, Hercules, Fantasia 2000, and many others as part of the second Golden Era of Animation.

Dave teaches workshops on creativity to artists and others and his family workshop, Wondrous Stories, is a fun-filled weekend of writing children's stories with your children. He has taught and lectured at UCLA, USC, Art Center College of Design, Disney, Sony and Esalen Institute among others. He has been the featured artist for several years at Esalen for their fundraising events, and he is also the featured artist for the organization Humanity Unites Brilliance, a global humanitarian entrepreneurial network.

He has designed logos for corporations and individuals, done portraits of famous folks as well as friends, and created commissioned images for clients. With acclaimed speaker and world's leading gerontology expert, Dr. Ken Dychtwald, along with Ken's wife Maddy and Dave's daughter Grace, he co-wrote and illustrated a magical children's book about transformation entitled Gideon's Dream- A tale of new beginnings. Dave illustrated Dr. Deepak Chopra's first children's book, You With The Stars In Your Eyes.

Dave lives with his wife Robin, who is his Muse, their brilliant daughter Grace, the perfect dog, Rosie and a tortoise named Sweetheart on a small ranchette in the horse country of Chatsworth, California. Dave makes art mostly from his studio and alchemical laboratory (la-BOR-a-tory) twenty steps from his house.

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