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I have been a Conscious Creator all of my life, and I didn’t realize it for most of my life. At the age of 11, I announced to my parents that I was going to become a sportswriter. I knew in my heart that this was what I was going to do. And true to my vision, at the age of 21, I was at the Detroit Free Press, at 22 I was at the Associated Press and writing front-page stories for the LA Times and at 23 I was at the Washington Post! The rest of my career has been just as successful, thanks to my ability to be a Conscious Creator.

The world is divided into two types of people — Conscious Creators and Unconscious Creators. Most people fall into the latter category. They don’t understand why their life is falling apart, why their job makes them unhappy and why they can’t attract the right partner. They feel victimized, angry or depressed. Unconscious creators are manifesting most of their own misery unconsciously!

Conscious creators, on the other hand, have a clear vision about what they want to have happen, respect that their future is within their own hands, have the ultimate trust that everything will turn out all right and continue to put out kind, loving, positive energy — regardless of what happens to them. Furthermore, they have the power to contribute to manifesting a better world for everyone!?

What’s the difference between the two? How they use their energy! Just like the entire Universe, we are made of energy. Not just the molecules that make up our flesh and blood, but our thoughts and emotions are made of energy, too. These energy packets have a positive or negative charge and they resonate with the rest of the Universe. You may have heard of the Law of Attraction. This means that if you put out negative energy, you will attract more of it. If you put out positive, loving energy, you will draw back more positive experiences.

Absolutely anyone can choose to become a conscious creator. The key is to consciously begin changing your thinking. You can choose to have positive thoughts and banish the negative ones. You can choose to handle a situation with a cool head instead of a hot head. You can choose to be more loving, kind and compassionate. You can choose to attract abundance, instead of repel it. You can begin to envision the kind of life you want to live and become that life!

As a conscious creator, you can transform your life: create incredible loving relationships and friendships, change the way you look, improve your health, get a better job or gain more respect at the office, follow your heart to create a new business or type of job that’s just right for you, manifest more time for leisure, have a greater appreciation for the abundance that surrounds you, develop more personal freedom, improve your home life, attract greater wealth, feel loved. But that’s only half of it. You can also participate in manifesting a better world, using your new-found visionary skills and your positive energy and personal habits to lay the groundwork for a better future for mankind, animal kind and the planet.

It’s all just a choice away!

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Jackie Lapin is the world leader in educating, mentoring and coaching people on Practical Conscious Creation. Her newest book, "Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques for Manifest Your Desires" follows on the heals of her No. 1 bestseller "The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World," which received unqualified endorsements from such personal growth leaders as Joe Vitale and Mark Victor Hansen.

That masterful award-winning book, the first in her Practical Conscious Creation Series, makes "personal frequency management" a cornerstone of its message, teaching people how to raise their personal frequency, a critical first step in successful manifesting.

Since that book, Lapin has become a noted speaker, coach and transformational business consultant. Her mission is to turn millions of people into Conscious Creators, so that they consciously create their lives, rather than let life happen to them.

A pioneering spirit who has succeeded at the highest levels of multiple careers, Lapin was one of the national's first women sportswriters, and then became a nationally recognized media relations expert with a world-class client list for more than 30 years. The publicity she generated has sold millions of dollars worth of products and services and launched multi-million-dollar companies. Among her clients have been The World Poker Tour, Toyota, Upper Deck, The Golf Channel, the LA Marathon, Disney, Seagrams, Mazda, Avon, Showtime and PetSmart, among others.

Lapin is also the co-founder an innovator behind, the Virtual Village that is the marketplace, directory and information resource of the fast-growing Consciousness and Tranformational World. Life Wisdom Network is designed to support the abundance and prosperity of all leaders, practitioners, retailers, product suppliers, service companies, organizations, social networks, information resources, spiritual centers and events that serve the growth of consciousness and personal transformation around the globe. 

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  1. Jackie – I really like this term of Conscious Creator. Easy to remember and completely descriptive of having the outlook that you can go for what you want to do and be. Thanks for sharing.

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