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If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • If you have made the choice to be born, to come here to Earth, you have a right to be here. You are worthy; there is nothing you have to do other than being you.

    Children are holy; nurture them with love, more love and then some more love. Love is growth nourishment. Family is a team work, parenting is the most important job in the world; parenthood is the only real opportunity to become a saint, it’s love instigation work.

    How you parent can change the world, connect with your children and always practice positive parenting. Family can be any constellation and if you want to make it a multi-partner family, do. Love is limitless. Make it your daily exercise to hug and love squeeze instead of punishing and using the power over advantage.

    Children’s wisdom is ignored instead of extracted in a school system that concentrates more on obedience than education. To learn the most in life you have to follow your own passion, your own interest which is not easy as school certainly will try to cure you of any notion of a life of your own choosing, until at least graduation…. But by then you’re usually already living under the spell of life as a race, competing for everything with everyone instead of being on your own magical mystery tour. Be curious as love and question everything if you can’t escape school.

    Choice is a human right, so claim it from birth, by being bold, by being difficult. This won’t be easy as the obligatory start of life is designed to make you conform, to fit in. Being oneself entirely is an act of bravery as instead of help how to become who you really are you have to cope with socialisation which has no empathy for differentness and no tolerance for people standing out.

    Happiness comes from within and only you can make yourself happy, but other people will help to show your inner riches.

    Make friends across all imaginary borders, but first make best friends with yourself. Give yourself the honour of getting to know yourself- it’s not self-indulgence, it’s self love. Smoking is an expression of suicidal thoughts and drinking alcohol is an expression of doubts about life; don’t let others tell you who you are, because if you ever feel like escaping your own life, the only one who can save you is you.

    Make friends with death, talk openly and honestly about this natural transition in life. It’s not a failure, it’s simply a continuation of life. Look after your sexual health as well as your mental and physical health, sex is a creative energy of pleasure and new ideas.

    Empathy, gratefulness, forgiveness and laughter are the riches of life, money too, but it’s an energy that needs to move, not be hoarded.

    Allow yourself to find your own spiritual source, and if it happens to be cosmic love instead of a named deity, fuel up.

    Tina Brescanu

    Tina is an early school leaver who used to be thrown out of class for laughing too much. She’s an unschooler at heart and an unconventional fiction writer. She landed on Earth in Karlskoga, Sweden, 1969 and has tried to adjust ever since. Tina writes about what she wants to find out about, and her writing might not have changed anyone's life but it has saved hers.She believes in limitless love and manages the balancing act of following her own heart. Tina lives in Dublin, Ireland with her non-traditional family where she also works as a tour guide.

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    1. Jeanette
      Jeanette says:

      Tina, I love you! Your words today will help me along my pathway of change. I am bold, and some see me difficult, but I will continue to use my voice to express my true self!

      • Tina Brescanu
        Tina Brescanu says:

        Thank you, Jeanette! Boldness is magic. Boldness stands out and owns every flaw and imperfection. Boldness is empathic and boldness speaks up. Boldness makes the world a better place, so be bold, Jeanette. Love, Tina

        • Sarah Khan
          Sarah Khan says:

          Your so right, so many teachers in schools have children confirming to obedience instead of education. It’s really sad to see kids growth being cut in the bud before they blossom and bloom. I say we should guide and gently correct behaviours.Good to see that we both agree that it’s love that will make them grow. Thanks for your words of wisdom.


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