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The outer world is made from manifested thoughts and ideas held in your mind. These ideas are the foundation of consciousness, and the nature of these ideas gives consciousness its character.

Everything we create has a belief behind it, an idea once held in someone’s consciousness. Because consciousness is shared, it includes the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and sensitivities held by all people. Therefore, every condition, circumstance, or situation in the material world is the embodiment of humanity’s mental equivalent, whether it is war or peace.

War is an expression of an idea held in consciousness by the human race. Human beings have always (it seems) believed in death, fear, lack, aggression, and pillaging, which is why there is war. If enough people in the world have war consciousness, then there will be world war. Again, it begins with the individual and the mental equivalent he or she holds.

If we want peace, we need to enter the consciousness of peace and affirm its truth.

Collectively, we all help to define consciousness by expressing our point of view. Everyone has input, good or bad, into how consciousness is defined. In the aggregate, we are a giant, mass projection of ideas into collective consciousness. That’s why, when a big portion of humanity thinks a certain way and this is translated into behaviors and actions, these energies become very powerful. When we do this together, ideas can become firmly seated in our collective consciousness.

Remember, you are a sum total of everything that is expressed in consciousness. Nasty language, slamming people on the Internet or in the magazine gossip columns, circulating ridiculously negative opinions, and incessant arguing are all dumped into consciousness along with all forms of violence.

We will keep recycling this negative energy until people are ready to release it from their conscious awareness. Humanity has a long way to go, but we can do it.

The reason we don’t have peace on earth is that the idea of peace is not fully assimilated into mass consciousness. Since not enough people express peace, we cannot override the wave of unpeace yet. For peace to take hold in mass consciousness, it must begin with you.

Contribute to world peace by holding the idea of peace in your own conscious awareness. Practice being a peacemaker. Think peace and demonstrate peace in relationships, speech, and writing, at home and at work. Start small. Make peace with those who irritate you or share a negative history. Try forgiveness. Call your mother. Overlook shortcomings you have perceived in another person. Have peaceful interactions with people and quit flipping drivers the bird when they pull in front of you on the freeway.

Practicing peace, love, and lack of flipping is called practicing the presence of God. See God everywhere, in all things and people, despite appearances to the contrary, and be in sync with higher-level ideas. Practice being peace, and don’t just talk about it.

Today’s balancing act isn’t just juggling credit card debt, a mortgage, and aging parents. It is learning how to be consciously aware of who we are and striking a balance between being and becoming. Pick a job that makes a positive contribution to the community. Quit worrying about what anyone else thinks. Get to work on practicing being God.

Let’s raise our consciousness and increase our level of self-awareness together. As we grow, we have the ability to experience the simplest things in life with great humor and happiness. When we focus on what is real, we can grow into a living expression of the Divine.

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Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D. is an ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a Deeksha facilitator trained by the oneness guides from Fiji and India. She is the bestselling author of Let Your Goddess Grow! 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking and The Women's Book of Empowerment: 323 Affirmations That Change Everyday Problems Into Moments of Potential. Her affirmations, lectures, and electronic programs reach a worldwide audience daily. Her Midwestern sensibility and spiritual approach to self empowerment has helped thousands awaken to their magnificence of the Divine within.

In her revolutionary book, The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You she unites spiritual wisdom from the East and West to help readers experience Christ consciousness in the here and now. Combining the Oneness Teachings of India with a fresh look at the New Testament, she gives profound but practical advice on releasing your emotional suffering, shifting disorder to order in your personal life, and embracing the present moment. No matter your wisdom tradition, The Oneness Gospel guides you toward the beautiful experience of your own divine nature.

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