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I often find myself thinking, “There is so much more to do in this great life”!

Each of us is faced with challenges and obstacles and there are of course times where we don’t know how we will get through a situation. It is our attitude and our mindset that paves the way and determines whether we will sail or stumble.

If we allow fear and doubt to pile up on top of our challenge, there is no question we will have a heavy walk in front of us. It is not easy at first but if you choose to believe that there is a reason for this challenge and embrace it with a feeling of overall goodness, both the lessons along the way and the final result will be greater than you could have ever imagined.

Everyone is faced with tough times. It is easy to look at others and believe that they had an easier journey or were given luxuries that others were not. The truth is, we all have our own obstacles to overcome and just because you can’t see someone else’s, does not mean they don’t exist.

If you wake up each day, knowing that the possibilities ahead are endless, you will continue enjoying the goodness that is yours to capture. If we focus instead on how bogged down we feel by the difficult moments, we will only create more of those moments. There is a sprinkle of goodness in every down moment. Finding it can actually be a fun challenge and once you find it, it will be easier to find more around each corner.

Focus on your special qualities and use those to further your progress in every project you are working on. If life hands you a sour spell, you have a decision in how you will handle it and how this decision will affect the next step you take.

Your next step may not only affect you and the chance to accept many more wonderful things but it may also affect others in your path. Find the sparkle in each rough patch and life will go even smoother for you. If you find others focusing on the sour spots, remind them that there is always goodness somewhere in there and that they should seek it out.

We are all blessed with choices. Obstacles vary during each phase of our lives, but making positive choices is your way of exercising power. This life has unbelievable things to offer. Keep looking forward to the rest of your life!

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I am the mother of one special needs son and one typical son. This is and will always be the greatest accomplishment of my life. Watching my son work so incredibly hard each day, to overcome his delays is beyond inspiring. Watching his younger brother help him along is as heartwarming as it gets. My life motto has now become, don't focus on the challenges or the unexpected obstacles but instead celebrate all of the wonderful things that life has to offer and that you are lucky enough to be blessed with.

In addition to being a full time mom I am the owner and President of, Inc, an accessories company. I have several product lines that I design and manufacture and many of them are based on "sharing goodness". We recently launched "The GOOD KARMA Campaign" through one of our divisions called and our mission is to spread goodness all over the world by mailing GOOD KARMA to anyone that requests it. We want to lift the spirits of everyone. We would love to reach 1 million people and are asking for photos from any recipient that would like to send them in. 

All of the products that I create are based on sharing goodness. My new ebook, soon-to-be-released book and gift items all are intended to lift others.

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