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As we look out across the landscape of our behavior in these times of great change, we see that many people are way too quick to talk about themselves and others in the negative. We tend, oh-so-easily, to bring up our latest drama, or our friend’s health imbalance, or the challenges of the world at large.

And yet, what many of us are learning (and thus integrating into our daily lives) is that it serves us and our fellow travelers so much better when we see good, say good and do good – and there’s a good reason for this.

Since what we’re talking about all day long is what we’re creating for ourselves in the minutes, hours and days ahead, wouldn’t it be wiser for us to keep our thoughts and words on the positive – and only on the positive?

In the old days it was common for me to be sitting around with friends and casually discussing all sorts of unwanted experiences. But that’s in the past. I don’t do it anymore. Indeed, why would I want to put my attention on any experience that I wouldn’t want to bring into creation?

Said another way, if we truly desire to create a better life for ourselves, both personally as well as collectively, we head in the exact opposite of where we really want to go every time we we bring our unserving thoughts to light by talking about them.

The Ninth Intent of The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World says, “I create my ideal world by envisioning it and telling others about it.”

In other words, what we share in our casual conversation today is becoming tomorrow’s reality – and that’s a good thing as long as we keep our attention on the positive, on the highest good of all. After that, all we need is trust.

Clearly, one of the hallmarks of our time is that we are learning to trust at a much deeper level than we’ve ever trusted before. With each day that passes, more and more of us are trusting, to the depth and breadth of our soul, that the Law of Attraction, Precipitation and Manifestation works.

Trust that our thoughts do, in fact, create our future. And trust that everything improves immensely for us when we become increasingly more vigilant and aware of what it is we’re creating with our everyday thoughts and words.

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Tony Burroughs is an author, storyteller, and co-founder of The Intenders of the Highest Good, a grassroots community movement with Intenders Circles in countries all over the world. He was an avocado farmer in Hawaii until 18 years ago when he and three friends created their first Intenders Circle.

Tony is the author of the popular daily email messages called The Bridge at and has written nine books including The Intenders Handbook, The Highest Light Teachings, The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World, The Law of Agreement, and two adventure novels, and he has produced three videos entitled The Intention Process, On the Road with The Code, and Living by Manifesting. His latest book is Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions which was just published by Viva Editions.

He has also created The Vision Alignment Project at where he shares his Visions for our ideal world. Over 980,000 people to date have made a difference by aligning with Tony's visions. All of Tony's works are available at

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  1. This is so important. I have tried to make my default attitude in life positive, especially when I am speaking to friends, family and clients, but really, all the time. I have had to rethink certain relationships that always fall into negativity talk. Difficult, but necessary. Thanks for your brilliance! 🙂

  2. I think it absolutely necessary to get serious about what we give out attention to. Remember that which we focus on we give it strength. When we allow negative thoughts to influence our decisions, the outcome will always be negative. It’s as simple as this; we can’t keep the birds from flying over our head, but we can sure keep them from building a nest in our hair!

  3. I find it almost impossible to see the positive. What is positive about looking after an irritable, demanding, complaining disabled husband 24/7 ? If I try to get out for a bit he wants to come too and is nasty if I try to say no. If I ask him to please not do something he gets angry and says I am criticising. I have no family. I have a few people I know but no close friends. I have to keep going even when my arthritis is very painful or I feel rotten. Where is the positive please ?

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