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1. Realize that there is not always a tomorrow for everyone that you encounter.

Treat each and every meeting with someone as your last with them. It may be.

Even if you stayed in the place where you were born and raised, people, friends and family come and go. In my case, I left two countries that are home to both family and close friends to start a life in my husband’s country where I have met new family and made new friends. Unfortunately, I have not been able to see the many family and friends that I would have liked to as often or since then. Some of my loved ones are no longer here on Earth and I was not able to say goodbye the way that I would have liked to.

You will always remember those last moments that you had with those who you treasured so make them count.

2. Your greatest wealth is your health.

Stay as true to nature as possible.

“Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.” ~ Juvenal, Roman satirist.

If you truly care about those who love you, than you must put your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health first. Be wise when it comes to what you put in and on your body so that you can stay around to help the people who you love as long as possible.

3. There is no right or wrong way to live.

How many times do we determine that an entire culture’s actions or beliefs are right or wrong without ever having lived in them? You may not always like how people choose to live but refrain from passing judgment on their actions or beliefs.

Do not tell anyone how to live unless you have been “in their shoes”.

4. Consider this.

Gandhi, one of the most influential figures in modern social and political activism, considered these traits to be the most spiritually perilous to humanity: Wealth without Work, Pleasure without Conscience, Science without Humanity, Knowledge without Character, Politics without Principle, Commerce without Morality, Worship without Sacrifice.

In other words, work for wealth, enjoy conscientious pleasure, be humane when confronted with science, build character while gaining knowledge, use principle in politics, consume consciously according to your morals, and sacrifice for love.

5. LovEvolveLovEvolveLovEvolve.

So I was recently told in a recent “daily truthbomb” email from Danielle Laporte. Never stop loving and never stop learning. Both are infinite.

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Jeannie Stokowski-Bisanti is multillingual, has lived on three continents and is a 32-year-old world traveler. She was educated in the U.S. and in the Philippines.

She is a former model, flight attendant, and substitute teacher and currently the stay-at-home mother of two preschoolers and one toddler, a volunteer chiropractic health coach, the social media manager and online/English marketing specialist of her husband’s busy chiropractic practice, a member of the Benvenuto International Women’s Club of Monza, Italy and a contributing writer for its official publication, the Monza News, and also to

She is a strong believer of freedom, individuality, and peace. For more from Jeannie, check out her column at

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  1. Wow Jeannie, that is an inspirering inspiration. Every time I get a insperation I’m doing it in my life. Not saying that I’m a saint. I do the work (inside) to be a better person today. My motto is, learning from yesterday, living for today, and the hope for tomorrow, and doing it all with love. I can say that I love myself, and without ego,or self centeredness. Confidence, in my ability and how I treat myself, and others, and with love. Thank you Jeannie. You inspired me to leave a reply. I love you for that.

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