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To know where you are heading, realize you are the creator of your life. Don’t let others dictate what you should be, do and have. Instead be the creative force, by being the author of your life. Would you be excited to read your biography? Don’t worry about the passage of time, for where you are at, is exactly where you need to be. Start today as a clean slate. What longings have you swept under the rug? It’s time to revisit or create new desires.

To have clarity, trust your intuition and take advice only if you feel good about them. There are too many people–with well meaning intentions–giving advice from where they are at in life. No one knows you better than your inner guidance: that’s your commitment … to listen within rather than getting confirmation from outside of you.

To have fun, start focusing on people or events that are flowing, making you feel good. Don’t grow your attention on areas in your life that are not working. Which situation do you prefer to grow–feeling good or awful-feeling experiences? You determine how much joy you have by what you focus on. Make a determined decision right now that feeling good is a top priority.

To be productive, press the “pause” button in your life when events are not working out. Spend time doing activities that get you out of feeling bad, like watching a movie or talking with friends. Have a list of things that you can rely on to elevate your mood.

To understand the beginning and ending cycles, be aware of the freedom and the benefits of the energy of change. We try to hold onto relationships or materials that no longer serve their purpose. Change comes along to bring in the new … for you are ready. Know that everything is working out for your best interest–even when it feels like your life is out of control.

To have pivotal shifts in relationships, notice your circle of influences reflecting back (like a mirror) where you are vibrating from. If you hang out in the irritation vibration, your friends and families can push your buttons easily. To clean your vibration, find things that you appreciate in life.

To get a wider perspective in life, spend quiet time journaling or being in nature. You go from the narrow point of view, seeing life from an ant’s outlook to a mighty eagle soaring in the air freely with a breathtaking panoramic observation.

To have abundance, the key ingredients are feeling good, knowing what you want and believing that you deserve your dreams; there is no resistance within you. When you have all three ingredients, you are a powerful force magnet, calling forward your desires to intersect with you at the right time and place.

To give back, pay forward or to share your talents are some of the most treasured experiences of living. Consider volunteering for filling up your empty tank. What you receive in return is priceless and memorable.

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Eve Evangelista is a Passionate Life Consultant and the author of Create and Move Forward in Life and Rise of Sea-Landers. She guides her clients from overwhelming thoughts and frustration to hope and belief in the beauty of their dreams. A gifted intuitive, she follows the flow of life in teaching them to a better feeling place, in order to achieve their highest potential with ease and grace. She knows that life takes on a whole new meaning when you connect to the goodness and greatness in each person.

One of her cherished dreams is to have the funding for Gifted by the Angels Foundation in order to give grants to writers, scholarships for students and funding for innovative inventions for Earth and humanity.

She has two beautiful children who inspire her to create heartfelt products and live life, like it is the last day.

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