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The greatest power in the universe is faith. The same force that gives rise to the longings in our heart is guiding our lives towards their fulfillment. Like wind in our sails, when we let go and allow the Divine breezes of support and insight to direct our lives we discover a happiness and contentment beyond what we could have dreamed of for ourselves.

Fear tells us that we can only be happy in certain situations and as long as such and such does or does not happen. Unfortunately, it is these ideas of what will make us happy that keep us from experiencing true happiness.

The One who created us had an end in mind when were fashioned but we have no idea what that creation looks like and therefore have no idea what experiences we must go through in order to catalyze our becoming.

We have, however, been given clues. These clues come in the form of our heart’s deepest longings.

There is a difference between longing for something and having the internal state and character to achieve these longings. This implies a journey of transformation.

The path that is laid out before us contains both ease and adversity and we must learn to walk through both of them if we are ever going to experience the fullness of really living our true purpose.

The fire of adversity introduces us to the parts of ourselves that are not up for the journey – the parts that lose heart when things don’t go according to our desires.

These losses of heart cannot be ignored and don’t respond well to platitudes. Instead they must be placed in the Hands of Divine care so that they can receive the support and insight that allows us to respond to our challenging situations with balance.

When we learn to “cry out in our weakness” we discover a strength in the Divine that carries us through our adversity and allows us to leave the pain of it behind, growing as human beings in the process.

This strength is built upon the resources we previously did not know we possessed inside of us, the truths of Divine care we did not know we could count on and the opportunities for ecstatic living that are available to us when we realize what really matters.

It is these Divine insights that transform our character.

We also must learn to walk in balance with easy times as well. Rather than losing heart as we do in the face of adversity, taking time to be grateful in times of ease allows us to gain heart for the journey ahead of us.

It is the heartening power of gratitude that encourages us to steadfastly pursue our deepest longings.

Regardless of how our life looks or what path our longing takes us down, at the heart we all share a common purpose,

To know the Divine in and through the life we were born to live.

It is in this that we find the true fulfillment.

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James has been studying spiritual healing since 1995 and now serves as a Faculty member at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. He has helped train people from all walks of life in the art of spiritual healing. Health care practitioners looking to add a spiritual dimension to their practice, individuals seeking personal healing, couples and parents having problems in their most important relationships and people desiring a more intimate and profound relationship with the Divine have all benefited from his practical approach to healing and spiritual development.

As a Principal partner in LionHeart Consulting, James has helped leaders with a passion to make a difference in the world while working in a environmentally sustainable way accomplish their most important goals. His clients have included:

  • Kaiser Permanante's Center for Health Research
  • Greenpeace
  • Powells Books
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Sustainable Values Partners
  • Nike

James has studied spiritual healing with the Sufi master Sidi al Jamal and is a teacher in the Shadhiliyya Sufi Order. He lives in the wonderful hills of West Virginia with his wife Zaina and two beautiful children. Currently, he is involved in helping to create a retreat center in Pennsylvannia that, God willing, will be a place of refuge and solace for many hearts.

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