How to Live in the Rhythm of Life

If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • To sum it up, I am a Woman Who Wants It All – and I firmly believe that I can get it, too. Nobody can tell me otherwise.

    “It is not possible!”

    How many times have I heard that!

    “You can’t have it all. It can’t be done, it’s been tried before and did not work.”

    The list of limitations goes on endlessly. Thank God I did not listen to them. I have a great daughter, am in a wonderful relationship, and love what I do. I am the American Dream.

    Every movement, every idea, starts with one person. If someone did not think a different thought and act upon it, nothing would have changed, ever. Keep this in mind as you embark on your daily routines: maybe it is time to change one thing today so you can have a different outcome in your routine. Start by changing the way you think!

    For every person who does not get that job, someone else does – that needs to be you. For every person who loses money in this market, someone else makes it – that needs to be you. For every person who wants to make the team, someone else is playing on the field… and that needs to be you, too. Be the upper, not the downer.

    Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right.

    I admit that it is very difficult at times. It can be discouraging if you are stuck in a bad situation or have a few tough issues piling up on you. There you are, you can’t think positively, it is just too much! You are exhausted, battered and bruised and ready to just give in.

    This is an experience that most successful people relate to. Even icon Donald Trump was out and declared finished, and yet he came back victorious. I certainly know what adversity is, what it takes to catch up from way behind the starting line.

    So what is it that sets victory and defeat apart? It is your ability to stay the course and finish what you came to do, no matter what. If it was so easy, everyone could do it, right? The principles of success are easy enough…but the path to follow them is not. Yet you have to stay the course.

    The concept of ego-RHYTHM says that your life has a rhythm, that you will have good times and bad times. There is no guarantee how long the good or the bad stuff lasts you only need to know that you will continue to come out OK at the end.

    Make a want-it-all list. Write down what it is that you want, in detail, and look at your list often. Make checkmarks on the items on that list that you already have achieved, present and past. Look and see and understand how much you have already mastered, and be proud of that. As you still have a path ahead of you, you will probably mark off quite a few of the other items. Some ego-RHYTHMs come around more than once.

    Apply the method of K.A.R.L. to your life. Know who you are and which ego-RHYTHM you are in. Accept that where you are is a result of the choices you made, and don’t judge it as bad or good it simply is. Relax, because your life will continue to change – and so you might as well start to live in the now. Live, and be present here and today.

    Finally: Don’t worry about whether you get enough out of life but about whether you give enough to those around you. That is how you will be remembered – by your contributions and how you made others feel.

    Much love and good luck.

    Beate Chelette

    Beate Chelette

    Beate Chelette’s successes in business and in her consulting work have turned her into one of the most sought-after speakers and coaches in the country. Known for her tough love approach she inspires, motivates, and pushes her audiences --whether it’s speaking about leadership and team building, The Women’s Code, launching new businesses, or becoming an entrepreneur. She delivers no-nonsense, practical, easy-to-implement strategies that help companies and clients not only increase their bottom line, but position themselves as industry leaders. Through Women’s Code books, speaking, live events and coaching, her compassionate manner helps women achieve their dreams, peel away the doubts, discover who they actually are by helping them remove layers of stress and manage their responsibilities better. Only then can they rediscover their true, authentic happy self, regain their confidence and ultimately find their voice. An entrepreneur herself, she successfully built and sold a photography licensing company to Bill Gates which made her a multi-millionaire. She currently is working on launching an e-book publishing company, a global media web content distribution service, and an online teaching and training program for photographers. Beate doesn’t live by work alone. She plays as hard as she works and loves skiing, hiking, fine wine, good friends and weekend getaways (without her computer). She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter Gina, whom she considers her greatest accomplishment.

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