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Jen Reich

As you are…

Listen child, I’m embarrassed to say

That I tried to conform

Tried not to be gay-

I took jobs out of fear

From doubting my power-

Watching the clock move

From hour to hour-

I held pain in my gut

From hatred of self

Feeling unworthy

Of love or true wealth-

Yet I lived to see different

To embrace all of me

And see the great gift

In learning to be-

It took me some years

So I’m telling you now

Your life is a gift

And so make a vow…

To love who you are

The beauty within

To find your true calling

Then dare to begin-

I know it is scary

But you’re up to the task

To let the world see you

To take off your mask-

Please know you’re supported

We want you to thrive

To inspire the world

By coming alive-

And when you need help

Tune into your heart

Call up a friend

Create works of art-

And know you’re supported

From near and from far

For you are Divine

And loved as you are

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Jennifer (Jen) Reich PhD, RN, NC-BC

My poems and stories are inspired by people, animals, nature, and all aspects of our shared human experience. I am a passionate explorer of the healing potential of the creative arts and facilitate workshops for nursing and healthcare professionals on creativity and well-being.  I love to write from the road and trail, as well as at my neighborhood coffee shop. My poetry can be found on Instagram @jenreichpoetry and on

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story!!! I am 80 yrs old, recent widow of a beautiful 60 yr marriage, 7 children, 12 grand,
    7 g-grands , and now begining the 2nd half of my life!! I am writing a book , maybe 2 or 3!!! learning to be an Energy healer. I want all who read this to know!! age is only a number, and you make it mean what is true for you!! Not what you have been told!!
    The gift of loving who you are comes in all forms, shapes, ages, desires, talents, and every other difference there is on this earth!!!

    1. Ginger, So sorry for your loss. Thank you for these words of wisdom! Wishing you the very best on your new journey!

  2. Wonderful words from a wonderful woman. Your words continue to touch so many and support all of the essence of who we are.

  3. Beautiful verse. These words would inspire so many young (& older people) who are struggling with their own self worth. Thank you, Jen, for your contribution of love & support to all in need.

  4. So incredibly beautiful, Jen.
    Your poetry is lovely, elegant, comforting, connected, vital and so loving.
    Thank you 🙏🏼💜

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