12 Short Poems for A Great Life

Follow your Heart “Take time each day to laugh and to play, Be thoughtful in all of the words that you say. Please follow your heart as you go on your way, Then you will find pleasure in every day.” Live life fully “We are all only dancing on this earth a short time, So be sure to dance with a happy song in your mind. Dance loudly, dance strongly to the heavens above, But most of all, dance with your heart full of love.” On laughter “Don’t lose the ability to laugh and to play, Learn to laugh like… Read more.

How To Live Fully and Joyously

Reignite longing for the love you sought with first breath in this life; Recall the dream that called you here, the call you recognize. You are not what others label you, nor can you be unloved; Your path through life is blessed by Earth below and sky above. Even feeling weak and troubled, your words and smiles heal; You are the very conduit by which dreams become real. You are not the triumphs nor the troubles you or others think you caused; Nor are you bad or evil, nor can you ever be truly lost. The purest essence of your… Read more.

Money (Poem)

“Don’t touch that money, it is dirty!” A caring parent often shouts And then kids wonder when they’re 30 What their aversion’s all about.   “The money doesn’t grow on trees!” We’ve heard that once or twice before It’s there along with “Birds and Bees” Engrained into our very core.   We’re raised on phrases that inspire More fear than honor and respect Some are confusing, some are dire But all produce the same affect.   How ‘bout the following sensation – “Money’s the root of all the sin” This charming, stirring revelation Can really take one for a spin…. Read more.

School of HP: The Meaning of Success (Poem)

What is the meaning of success? And is there one true definition? Is there a universal test? Perhaps that ties it to ambition? Perhaps to money… or career? Or how the others view your choices? Is there a word that rings so clear That it drowns out the other noises… I would say no, avoid the stress There is no word that plays the master One’s definition of success Is but another one’s disaster Success is but a state of mind A state of calm and introspection And those who live it always find That it exists in every action… Read more.

We Love You (Poem)

On this World Suicide Prevention Day, and every day, may we send our love out to all who are hurting…   We Love You Child, I don’t know Why you experience such pain And even though I’m grown up I have no way to explain- Yet I can tell you from experience That life unfolds in stages And sometimes on our journeys We just need a few more pages- So please know you’re supported Even though you feel alone- And talk to someone that you trust Or call them on the phone- And know no matter how you feel You… Read more.

Rhyme for the Sensitive Child (Poem)

As a new school year begins, may all children be free from bullying, and know that they are love and loved~ Rhyme for the Sensitive Child   ‘Don’t take things so personal’ You hear them say But child I know You don’t see it that way- For I know that you feel Deep like the sea And when you are hurt You long to be free from this world- Yet I’m here to tell you From the wisdom of years From trying to fit in And hiding my tears- That you are so Amazing… That the gifts that you bring… Read more.

School of HP: The Universe is Here to Help! (Poem)

When fate says “Hi”, what do you do? Is “run and hide” the choice for you? Or are you willing to accept The change in order to adapt? These are the choices that we make The chances are but yours to take For Universe will show the way It’s up to you to seize the day We often wish upon the stars Protected ‘cause they seem so far We want the wishes to come true But they won’t work unless we do The Universe’s not there to please But it is also not a tease It will provide the tools… Read more.

Love and Stars (Poems)

We are all written in the stars…   Love Unending   We grieve for those we’ve never met Yet still have touched our hearts For in this world of chaos We’re consoled through the arts- For art shows us in our humanness Our condition is the same As death does not discriminate By class, or faith, or fame- So let’s create with great passion The world we want to see Appreciate each other For all we came to be- And breathe our love into the world Until our final breath For love and soul complete our whole And love does… Read more.

The Extra Kiss (Poem)

The extra kiss, that extra hug Your kids keep asking for at night. Their blanket isn’t very snug, And pillow isn’t feeling right   The water bottle you just filled Is great but still not cold enough, All prior wishes you fulfilled Get lost in avalanche of stuff.   “Don’t close the door, no wait… please do”, “You talk too loud, I cannot sleep”. And then a sudden peekaboo Just when you thought they’re counting sheep… A few more straws and you are done. You snap at them and raise your voice, You tell them it’s no longer fun, And… Read more.

What Matters Most (Poem)

There’s no right answer, to what matters most. The heart of each of us holds a special choice. What matters is living fully, in every possible way. Live like you mean it, like there is no next day. The answer lies within, deep inside your soul. Find those secret places, take a flashlight when you go. Shine down upon them, get still and really see. You will feel a spark inside, that fills you and helps you be. Play and dance and paint it out, until you light a fire. Raging brilliant flames, for your true heart’s desire. Allow what… Read more.

School of HP: Take a Breath… (Poem)

Every day is filled with choices What to eat or how to dress, Everywhere we turn – are voices Re-defining our success. Heads are full of information Thoughts are flying at high speeds, Adding only to frustration Of not getting what we need. We are horses and the riders And we’re racing way too fast. If we don’t remove the blinders And slow down – we will not last. Just relax and do not hurry, Few times daily take a breath. Give that cloud of constant worry Enough time so it can pass. Even though we won’t admit it We’re… Read more.

Her Unshielding (Poem)

Be kind to you~ Her Unshielding She beat herself up From her weight to her toes From the size of her thighs To the shape of her nose- And on her walk home When she was alone She’d talk to herself In the harshest of tones- She could never enjoy All the good that she had For she spent all her thoughts On how she was bad- She woke up one day Overwhelmed with her stress And cried out for help For her life was a mess- And though it sounds strange Even hard to believe As soon as she… Read more.

School of HP: We are all ONE! (Poem)

A people, standing face to face, Interconnected human race So much alike, all breathe same air… And yet they act like no one’s there They’ll feel each other’s pain and sorrow When tragedy occurs tomorrow They will unite and they’ll pull through… Unless they disagree with you They’ll feed the hungry worlds apart They’ll open up their purse and heart But mention politics and done…. They aren’t friends with anyone So quickly they forget the books That show them how compassion looks All that they ever seem to hear Are things that bring up only fear Why is this so?… Read more.

3 Lessons for Empowering Yourself

I experienced a shattering of my life at the peak of my success, when I was living my dreams to the fullest. As I hit rock bottom, I saw the light and was able to turn negativity into something positive, constructive, meaningful, purposeful and beautiful. My firsthand experiences taught me very valuable lessons that I like to share with others. Power of Forgiveness: Do not hold anger, pain, revenge, resentment and hatred towards others. If you look closely in the mirror of self-reflection, you will realize that by holding negativity you are abusing your mind, body and soul. The best… Read more.

Changes (Poem)

Our life is one of constant motion, forever changing like the ocean, Fearing the outcomes we cannot see, we stay where we are and constantly be, We stay in the pain of an old romance, we stay in the pain of not taking that chance, We stay in our grief of a love that has passed, not willing to move or let go of the past. We regret things we did, or did not do, we hold onto anger and emotional blues, We blame other people and then ourselves, for the hurt and the upset and our poor health. When… Read more.

14 Lessons on Life, Love, Career and Pursuit of Personal Fulfillment

Life isn’t searching for perfection Life is perfection in itself. Awareness, truth and introspection Are keys to learning that yourself. ***** Any profession that you choose Can make you rich someday From selling stock to shining shoes White collar, blue or grey Profession is the recipe You are the secret sauce Love what you do and you will see The money will come forth. ***** What you believe tends to transpire So choose whichever takes you higher! ***** The search for Love cannot succeed By looking outside Love is within, it is a seed So water it with pride! *****… Read more.

Mind Your Stories

Mind your stories.   Mind your stories; question them often. Nourish those that serve.   Change those that do not. Far easier said than done, yes? For many of our darker stories have cut grooves in the primordial stone of our psyches- and the river of mind all too easily turns back into these dark and shadowy valleys. So mind also your story about changing your story; be quick to forgive both yourself and your world should the story be slow to change.   Mind your stories; know them for what they are. For more than it is through your… Read more.

The Gift of Loving Who You Are

As you are… Listen child, I’m embarrassed to say That I tried to conform Tried not to be gay- I took jobs out of fear From doubting my power- Watching the clock move From hour to hour- I held pain in my gut From hatred of self Feeling unworthy Of love or true wealth- Yet I lived to see different To embrace all of me And see the great gift In learning to be- It took me some years So I’m telling you now Your life is a gift And so make a vow… To love who you are The… Read more.

The Great Importance of Perspective

Life is what you choose. Life is what it is. And life isn’t what it isn’t. The struggles of any life worth living require a practice of self-liberation, as documented in freedom songs or stories from here to Timbuktu. Despite having been thrown into the throws of a mysterious universe, our heroes choose love over fear, inspiration over death, freedom over enslavement. The truth is, all good stories and songs need a challenge or a conflict to keep the interest of the audience. In other words, transform your perspective and you’ll see that no matter the challenge, you have the… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Michaela Carrozzo

My inspiration to everyone young or old is to NEVER STOP!! If you have a dream, go for it! Everyone has a dream. They key to success is to never use the word fail. Start out with a vision. It’s good to put down on paper what you plan on achieving in life. To see your dream come true you must visualize it, almost believing as if it has already happened. Keep your eyes open for any opportunities that come your way. If you live like you have achieved your dream, you’ll be able to seize that opportunity when it… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Zara Singh

I found a key, That unlocks a treasure chest,  Is it empty?  Or is it filled with jewels and diamonds,  Silver and gold? The key was hidden  But now it is in front of me,  If only I knew,  Just what the chest holds. The key sits in my hand,  Slowly warming with the heat of my heart,  The choice is mine.  Do I take this key,  And open the chest now?  Or leave it,  For another time? I found the key,  That unlocked the treasure chest.  This key of gratitude,  Unlocked the treasures of my soul.  The treasures are… Read more.