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Be kind to you~

Her Unshielding

She beat herself up

From her weight to her toes

From the size of her thighs

To the shape of her nose-

And on her walk home

When she was alone

She’d talk to herself

In the harshest of tones-

She could never enjoy

All the good that she had

For she spent all her thoughts

On how she was bad-

She woke up one day

Overwhelmed with her stress

And cried out for help

For her life was a mess-

And though it sounds strange

Even hard to believe

As soon as she asked

She began to receive-

Her thoughts began shifting

From her mind to her heart

She worked through her pain

With music and art-

And though it took time

The young woman healed

For she opened to love

When she let go her shield~

Jen Reich

Phoenix, AZ 7-13-14

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Jennifer (Jen) Reich PhD, RN, NC-BC

My poems and stories are inspired by people, animals, nature, and all aspects of our shared human experience. I am a passionate explorer of the healing potential of the creative arts and facilitate workshops for nursing and healthcare professionals on creativity and well-being.  I love to write from the road and trail, as well as at my neighborhood coffee shop. My poetry can be found on Instagram @jenreichpoetry and on

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  1. I love reading Jen Reich poetry. She is amazing and her work is truly inspiring, beautiful and she is so talented.

  2. I love Jen’s poetry; it empowers me to remember how powerful I am when I embrace myself fully!! This way, I can in turn empower the world 🙂

  3. What a wonderful piece!! I believe we all have been there at some time in our lives. ….very empowering…
    Thank you

  4. Jen Reich is an amazing women, who writes inspiring and soul connecting poetry. I read her poetry everyday on her facebook page Poetry not Poverty.
    Congratulations Jen!!

  5. This is just what I needed to read at the end of a long and challenging day. Thank you, Jen, for sharing and caring!

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