Her Unshielding (Poem)

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    Her Unshielding

    She beat herself up

    From her weight to her toes

    From the size of her thighs

    To the shape of her nose-

    And on her walk home

    When she was alone

    She’d talk to herself

    In the harshest of tones-

    She could never enjoy

    All the good that she had

    For she spent all her thoughts

    On how she was bad-

    She woke up one day

    Overwhelmed with her stress

    And cried out for help

    For her life was a mess-

    And though it sounds strange

    Even hard to believe

    As soon as she asked

    She began to receive-

    Her thoughts began shifting

    From her mind to her heart

    She worked through her pain

    With music and art-

    And though it took time

    The young woman healed

    For she opened to love

    When she let go her shield~

    Jen Reich

    Phoenix, AZ 7-13-14

    Jen Reich

    Jennifer (Jen) Reich PhD, MA, RN, NC-BC is a poet, storyteller and nurse. Jen is a board certified nurse coach and adjunct clinical assistant professor at The University of Arizona College of Nursing.  Jen received her PhD in Nursing from The University of Arizona in 2011. Jen’s passion is exploring healing through poetry & story. Her dissertation topic explores the role of story in the healing and wellbeing of professional registered nurses. She is published in several journals and book chapters and is the author of three books of poetry. She blogs daily at poetry-not-poverty.blogspot.com. Jen believes that poetry and the creative arts are transformative tools for healing. She aspires to help others use their creative potential to create positive change at the local and global level.

    For more information, please visit Poetry Not Poverty.

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    1. mindy
      mindy says:

      I love reading Jen Reich poetry. She is amazing and her work is truly inspiring, beautiful and she is so talented.

    2. Natalie Sydorenko
      Natalie Sydorenko says:

      I love Jen’s poetry; it empowers me to remember how powerful I am when I embrace myself fully!! This way, I can in turn empower the world 🙂

    3. Pj
      Pj says:

      What a wonderful piece!! I believe we all have been there at some time in our lives. ….very empowering…
      Thank you

    4. Janet Berch
      Janet Berch says:

      Jen Reich is an amazing women, who writes inspiring and soul connecting poetry. I read her poetry everyday on her facebook page Poetry not Poverty.
      Congratulations Jen!!

    5. Sarah Beaber
      Sarah Beaber says:

      This is just what I needed to read at the end of a long and challenging day. Thank you, Jen, for sharing and caring!


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    What Do You Think?