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There’s no right answer,
to what matters most.
The heart of each of us
holds a special choice.

What matters is living fully,
in every possible way.
Live like you mean it,
like there is no next day.

The answer lies within,
deep inside your soul.
Find those secret places,
take a flashlight when you go.

Shine down upon them,
get still and really see.
You will feel a spark inside,
that fills you and helps you be.

Play and dance and paint it out,
until you light a fire.
Raging brilliant flames,
for your true heart’s desire.

Allow what matters most
to be your daily fuel.
Find it every morning,
use it as a tool.

Build your life and moments,
with it’s crazy blazing love.
Shining out your matters most,
to the heavens high above.

You might forget it now and then,
You might even change your mind.
No worries need to fill your head,
Your matters most is kind.

It waits for you every dusk and dawn,
Whenever you look inside.
Hoping to be noticed,
to remind you you’re alive.

So come on and tell me,
can you feel the spark?
Feel for your matters most,
let it brighten up your dark.

Promise now, let’s make a pact,
to share our own fire light.
Making it our practice to,
Let our flames burn bright.

Let’s help others learn,
how to light their own.
See what matters most to them,
help them to come home.

Start by being grateful,
for everything you can.
Giving thanks is the beginning,
of creating a gorgeous plan.

Following your passions,
another something to explore.
Knowing what lights you up,
can open up a door.

When you do the things you love,
and you share your special gifts,
you inspire others to find
the matters most that fits.

Facing doubt or fear,
is normal on this journey.
Be courageous, be yourself,
stay awake to your worries.

Awareness is one secret key,
to living your matters most.
Still your mind and choose your thoughts,
let go and you will coast.

Living your life in health and joy,
can feel effortless.
When you combine intention,
with love and mindfulness.

Always see the magic,
in everything around you.
Know you are meant for greatness,
let inspiration be what you do.

Keep your attention on these things,
as a steady way to be.
Your matters most will shine out,
your vibration will set you free.

Don’t be too attached to the
highs or the lows.
The waves are meant to surf,
whichever way they flow.

You can trust in each moment,
you can know they’re meant to be.
With your matters most the focus,
you are bound to succeed.

One more thing about this ride,
you are surely not alone.
Reach out when you need it,
remember we’re all one.

If there is one right answer,
to what matters most to us,
no doubt it’s helping others,
spreading love is a must.

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Laura Probert, MPT has practiced physical therapy over 20 years. She is the owner of Bodyworks Physical Therapy and the author of Warrior Love, A Journal To Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self, and Living, Healing and Taekwondo. Through her brand of physical therapy, her writing and the martial art of Tae Kwon Do, she hopes to inspire people to find their own inner warrior. Find her books and more info about her healing, writing and kicking passions at and at

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  1. Laura, what a beautiful poem and message. And what matters most is your willingness to live in full expression of who you as an example to all others of who they too are…Love it!

    1. Thank you Jim! It takes guts to live in full expression. I take that challenge one day at a time. It seems poetry has been the way for me to do that lately, but I am also taking on the challenge with my spoken word in my daily interactions, and it is a good feeling!

  2. Laura, I’m inspired!
    This makes me regret missing our meetings even more but I’ll just look forward to out next jam session.
    Keep shining bright and sharing that light.

  3. What joy it brings to read my daughter’s words of love and inspiration. I am so proud of you. It is one thing to search for joy — it is another to take the time to share it. I love you.

    1. I’m not surprised you’re so proud Mum – so you should be. Laura these are beautiful lyrics and I think – a refreshing and vibrant offering which is quite unique. Thank you for sharing. It’s so good to know that there are so many young people making the contributions that will influence the changes we are all waiting for in the world.

  4. The light is within all of us, the challenge is to believe no one else has the right to dim the brightness

  5. Oh I love this poem so much. It speaks to what I have discovered about myself. That is that life can be a bumpy tiring ride, or an ever-changing exciting journey. All the players are meant to be in it it with me. If I embrace those that challenge me as the ones bringing me the gifts and ask what I can learn from them, my challenges become my gifts! I have an amazing opportunity to spread love and inspiration in this world…I think I will take it! Thanks Laura for this beautiful poem!

  6. Beautiful, Laura. And very inspirational, while also a realistic message for each of us. And thanks Sue, for sharing a bit of your daughter with us through this beautiful work.

  7. Thanks for sharing one of your many brilliant poems here, Laura! Your word crafting always amazes me and the content of your poetry always resonates for me. I especially love the overlapping and intertwining messages/wisdom in this particular poem :-). Keep on sharing, Laura- in writing, in spoken word, and in any format your huge heart desires!!!
    Much Love & Light-
    Phil Tavolacci

  8. OMG Laura, This is beautiful. Such talent you have for healing not just the body but also the soul. This morning I went for my usual run and came back feeling dissapointed that I could not keep up with the others like I use to. But you know what… after reading your poem I realize I don’t have to keep up..I just have to keep going cause I love it anyway. Thx Tony

  9. Thank you Laura for this reminder of life. All too often we forget to live, consumed by planning, frustration, finances, etc. Your flashlight analagy is brilliant as what matters most truly is inside of us and awaits to be shared. Beautiful!

  10. What a fantastic poem! Helping others is a must — and find what matters you and know you are not alone. Thank you Laura!

  11. I just love the phrase “build your life and moments with it’s crazy, blazing love”. What a great concept! Love this, Laura!

  12. Thank you for reminding us that we all have inner beauty and gifts to share with the world. If only we would let them out and use them to bring peace and love to others!

    1. Thank you Charlotte. Sometimes it is scary to let them out. At first you aren’t quite sure if that is what you are supposed to do. Now I know it is the ONLY thing to do!

  13. I’m always at awe on how well you capture life’s moments. Thanks for the inspiration and for making me pause and think.

    1. Thank you Val, I have really been working on staying awake and aware, something taught to me by many of my healing teachers…it is the key to finding our gifts!

  14. Whoa! This was deep. Passionate. Glowing with love, radiant with wisdom. I held on to each word. This ignited some forgotten memory deep within my soul. Thank you Laura for sharing this poetic, spirit-filled, call-to-action. So inspired by you! Beautiful.

  15. As always, your words nudge me forward to my “matters most”. Thank you for constantly inspiring me to be me 🙂

  16. What joy there is to be had when we focus on what truly matters and run with it! When we let the rest fall away, then we can be truly happy. Thank you for your inspiration!

  17. Laura teaches us to look for the spark, behind the shadows, at the very back of the breath. Teaching where to look and how to be.
    To be brave and traverse the higher frequencies / pathways.
    The Lighthouse. Of and for. The passions of knowing and feeling more.
    Be joy. Full.
    Thanks for the Inspiration of each breath.
    The quiet of knowing • stillness.
    The peal of Laughter as the height of vibrations set you free.
    Alone but one of the One the magic that comes in each moment.
    I shall remember this spark and the light to see and pass it on for more to be.
    The gifts of the higher frequencies will come back to thee.
    Thanks Sparky!

    Love n Light – Marty

  18. Its one inspirational word after another,they are different yet they flow,it’s like humans,we are all different yet if we accept each and everyone the way they are,there is harmony and it flows because, as you said it so well,we are one,each one a facet of the bid diamond.

  19. I love this poem and I love the message!! I just read it and wanted to shout a resounding “Yes, yes, yes”. I think reading this poem every morning would start my day beautifully! Thank you Laura

  20. What a delightful poem, Laura. I need to find a strategic place to put this in my cubicle as a daily reminder of ‘What Matters Most’. It is nice to be associated with such a gifted and caring person as you are who doesn’t seem to let anything stop you from doing ‘What Matters Most’ in as many ways as you do:) Thank you for the blessing!

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