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I experienced a shattering of my life at the peak of my success, when I was living my dreams to the fullest. As I hit rock bottom, I saw the light and was able to turn negativity into something positive, constructive, meaningful, purposeful and beautiful. My firsthand experiences taught me very valuable lessons that I like to share with others.

Power of Forgiveness: Do not hold anger, pain, revenge, resentment and hatred towards others. If you look closely in the mirror of self-reflection, you will realize that by holding negativity you are abusing your mind, body and soul. The best way to save your soul from self-inflicted suffering is by forgiving.

Anyone can unleash their own healing powers by living a life filled with gratitude, innocence, forgiveness and love. You can not only heal yourself, but also heal others by stopping the cycle of negative energy of anger, pain, revenge, resentment and hatred.

Power of the Present: We all suffer personal losses and struggle at times to heal. Most of the humanity is in constant pain and grief. You can heal yourself by living in the present.

In the present moment, there is no hurt or pain, as ego digs into the past memories to bring suffering into the present. We are pure joy. In the present moment, there is no anxiety or stress as there is no anticipation or expectation of future. In the present moment, our actions and thoughts come from our highest self, which is divine. Miracles happen in present as the divine works through us. Being in the present moment is a practice and it requires discipline.

Make this practice your daily mantra to heal and discover your divinity for a blissful life.

Power of Oneness and Life Purpose: All the rivers travel thousands of miles to merge into the ocean. Why? For the rivers, oneness with each other is possible by merging into the ocean.

Oneness for humanity is possible through merging of each soul into the source. On merging into the divine, we all become one. In oneness, a miraculous life begins as the soul exhibits the qualities of the divine i.e. selfless service, unconditional love and eternal bliss.

We all have one life purpose, as we all are one. The one life purpose is being of service to humanity and act as an instrument of the divine by sharing the unique gift that we all have.

I wish you all empowerment and awareness. This life is a precious gift and an opportunity, as summarized in these lines.

Life is an opportunity for the soul:
to shed pain, sorrow and grief
to let go, move forward and grow
to forgive, accept and embrace all
to heal, transform and surrender
to expand, unite and merge into the divine
to accept, receive and give love
to experience bliss, happiness and joy
to choose, live and breathe love.

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Born in India, Bobby migrated to Canada in 1993 with big dreams to succeed using his Engineering degree. Bobby started his Canadian Career pumping gas at a full service gas station for five dollars an hour in Toronto, Canada.

With perseverance and vision, Bobby managed to succeed, working for various organizations in Canada and the USA. He also acquired a master's degree in business (MBA) in the USA.

Starting in 2007, Bobby suffered numerous personal losses and struggled for a long time. Writing became a way for Bobby to heal and stay positive through life changing events. He took a spiritual path to heal and find answers to life, which has become the foundation for his writing and speaking.

His first book, "Bouquet of life - A drop from the ocean of divinely guided poems" illuminates his realizations that spring forth like a fountain of love, offering and teaching others the power of love to heal. This book of poetry is Bobby's journey of transformation from anger, pain, hatred, revenge, resentment and feelings of worthlessness to forgiveness, gratitude, peace and love. It is his story of recovery, empowerment, beginning of life purpose and freedom from the chains of limited beliefs, self- serving systems, and dogmas of life. Bobby believes this book can help others find their identity and heal their life.

As a speaker, Bobby has purposefully engaged with audience, both large and small at numerous events. Bobby serves as an inspiration to many. He passionately shares his learning with others. Bobby was also, a finalist for the position of Poet Laureate for city of Windsor in 2011. 

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  1. I don’t believe that no one has left a reply. I know what you mean Bobby. Like you said, most of humanity is in pain and suffering, not living in the present. I live my life most of the time, in the present moment. I have done a lot of inside work to be in the present. I love being in the present moment. I have forgiven myself and others who I have harmed. That’s why I love myself and others. My life is learning from the past, and living for today, with the hope of tomorrow. I see these words every day. It reminds me to be grateful for my life, and breath today. I can’t change the past, so it doesn’t haunt me today. I had to accept my past, and realized that is my experience to help others who are in pain and suffering.
    Thank you Bobby.

  2. I think forgetting and forgiving are two different concepts. We can forgive someone, but to remain present , we must try not not allow ourselves to become a victim twice. Remember, to be truly present,we live, love, and laugh… Remembering tomorrow is a new day full of peace, joy, and new beginning’s. Leaving hatred where it belongs, but loving those that need our prayers, and learning forgiving is the true meaning of bravery, coursge, and our support can be the only thing holding them and ourselves back from truly succeeding .
    Walk in the world with wide eyes, full of wisdom, a brave heart full of love, a tender soul, ready to heal those you see need to be healed . Be smiling and remember who have you the gift to begin with .

  3. I can forgive but its hard to forget. Its been 15 years of this. Its hard to trust the one you love and care about when he cheats and lies and commits adultery.

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