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We Love You (Poem)

On this World Suicide Prevention Day, and every day, may we send our love out to all who are hurting…


We Love You

Child, I don’t know

Why you experience such pain

And even though I’m grown up

I have no way to explain-

Yet I can tell you from experience

That life unfolds in stages

And sometimes on our journeys

We just need a few more pages-

So please know you’re supported

Even though you feel alone-

And talk to someone that you trust

Or call them on the phone-

And know no matter how you feel

You are needed on this Earth

To share your gifts and smile

And to see your dreams give birth-

So I write you this love letter

To ask you please to stay

To tell you that we love you

And to send this love your way~


Jen Reich

Flagstaff, AZ 8-20-13

Jen Reich

Jennifer (Jen) Reich PhD, RN, NC-BC

My poems and stories are inspired by people, animals, nature, and all aspects of our shared human experience. I am a passionate explorer of the healing potential of the creative arts and facilitate workshops for nursing and healthcare professionals on creativity and well-being.  I love to write from the road and trail, as well as at my neighborhood coffee shop. My poetry can be found on Instagram @jenreichpoetry and on

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