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Reignite longing for the love you sought with first breath in this life;
Recall the dream that called you here, the call you recognize.

You are not what others label you, nor can you be unloved;
Your path through life is blessed by Earth below and sky above.

Even feeling weak and troubled, your words and smiles heal;
You are the very conduit by which dreams become real.

You are not the triumphs nor the troubles you or others think you caused;
Nor are you bad or evil, nor can you ever be truly lost.

The purest essence of your being is infinite, eternal love;
The quiet voice inside you is a compass guided from above.

Feelings of joy, love, fear, anger, sorrow–your true self sees them all;
Emotions come and go like words written, then rain-washed off a slate wall.

Hold fast to your highest values–the ones you treasure best;
Know that by life’s hardships, challenges and dilemmas you are truly blessed.

Your character becomes you as thoughts and habits shape who you are;
Choosing words and actions wisely has the power to take you far.

Keep kind counsel of others’ foibles, doubts, misgivings, and fears;
Knowing regretted words can later cause needless suffering and tears.

There is no way you can ever fail nor ever truly fall;
Your inner light of being will learn and grow through it all.

Serve fully and give your best in everything you do;
And most of all be gentle, kind, compassionate and loving to you.

With hope you change the future, with gratitude the past;
You heal the world when thankful for the first and optimistic for the last.

True strength comes from kindness; courage only thrives with love;
There is no greater honor than showing this is what you’re made of.

Great courage is required to show yourself honestly without masks;
Such authenticity inspires trust in others and makes light work of any tasks.

You’re more than victim, more than rescuer, more than bully, more than fool;
When you expect respect you’ll get it, and can rise above with proper attitude.

Every time you make a choice you literally can leap
to mountaintops of new possible realities, regardless how seemingly steep.

Breathe deeply and fully to your core as slowly as you dare;
What you gain in being yourself is unique and beyond compare.

Ask the simple question “How good can it get?” each and every day;
Feel your heart overflow with blessings shared in wonderfully inspired ways.

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Cynthia is a best-selling author and spiritual life coach who helps people transform from accidental manifestors into conscious reality shifters. Cynthia's favorite question in every situation is "How good can it get?"

Cynthia has been featured in numerous TV and radio shows including the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and BBC. You can subscribe for free to Cynthia's popular RealityShifters ezine that covers the subject of how consciousness changes the physical world at

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  1. You are an extremely talented word and thought master. So glad I read Inspire Me Today. Just what I needed to read. I have been blessed

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