How To Live Your Inner Light

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If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • Live in the Light. This means surrendering completely to the Universe, God, the Divine, or whatever you call that unseen, yet powerful force: the Creator.

    Now, it’s easier said than done to live in the Light every day, however there are some ways I’ve found that make it far easier:

    TRUST. Trust yourself and the Creator. He only wants what is best for you and so long as you remember that, trusting should be easy. Jog your memory that He lives through you as you, so obviously the only very best life experiences will come your way.

    KNOW. Tap into that inner source of knowing which we all possess. It’s difficult to describe where this knowing comes from, as it just is. Often it is wrapped up in the emotions, feelings, worries, anxieties and materialistic elements of this world, which form a kind of shell. Peel away the shell and that true knowing will be felt.

    LOVE. Love every day. Love the new people you meet. Love the motorist who pulls in front of you on the highway. Love those who challenge you. Love your friends, your relatives, your partner and your animals. Send Love to people you don’t know in the street, to the checkout person in the supermarket, and even to trees, objects, and food. When you feel Love everyday and share it, the Light will reward you.

    MEDITATE. Take time out each day to reflect, unwind, close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, and find the peace within. When you meditate, you will attract people and experiences into your life which resonate with you and your vision. The Universe also has a say in this, of course. So what you think your vision is, may not prove to be what it actually is!

    EXPAND. Think expansive thoughts rather than restrictive ones. Always see yourself progressing and growing in life. Imagine yourself already bigger and more successful than you already are. And remember, success looks different for everyone and it doesn’t always mean more money or more clients. It could simply mean peace of mind, freedom, and joy.

    RELAX. Rather than fret about your future, exhale and enjoy the Now. Now is the only time we ever really have so fully immerse yourself in any task you do throughout each day, even if it is simply people-watching or feeling the sun on your skin as you sit outside.

    LET GO. Refrain from planning or seeking any particular outcome to whatever is in your awareness. Let that feeling go and then the tension is not present, hence allowing more positive surprises to flow into your life and your world.

    Following this advice will allow the Universe to work its magic in your life and lead you onto the path to achieve your wildest, deepest, truest dreams, which reflect the real you; your Soul.

    Keidi Keating

    Keidi experienced a sudden spiritual awakening at the age of thirty after a series of transformational healing sessions. The mystical chain of events that followed sparked a yearning to learn about the soul and continue her spiritual journey. As a result she grew increasingly intuitive and joyful. This led to the compilation and launch of The Light: A Book of Wisdom with chapters by 22 luminaries including Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marci Shimoff and more. One hundred percent of the net profit will be donated to seven charities and the goal is to raise one million dollars. Keidi now writes, edits and publishes books and products which empower people to reawaken their Light within.

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    1. Grace
      Grace says:

      Great piece of content…I’d like to say: To have light is to have life. It takes the help of God to find a good bearing for one’s direction in life. This is not just a mystic teaching. It’s Truth. It’s Reality that would help an individual to realize his or her full capacity to love, be happy…do and be what the Divine has wired into such a life. Keating gets it right!

    2. jo,
      jo, says:

      feb 24,2016. “I am grateful for My creators glory! My protector! how can I access this LIGHT? and MAINTAIN IT? NAMASTA!! God how should I surve YOU! today.De Gratia! By Gods Grace.


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