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Are you choosing to go through life as a crabby person or a lovable soul? Be the lovable soul and laugh.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”. This often refers to using laughter as a means to rectify an unfortunate situation, or to salvage what is left after a failure. Laughter becomes a coping mechanism to help minimize our tears, our anger and our disappointments. It is the defense we use to make us feel better, and gain back our strength after the event occurs. Using laughter in this way will not lead us to success- it only disguises failure.

Take control and reverse your game plan. Change your strategy by using laughter as an offensive tool and laugh your way towards success. Let’s bring laughter into our lives to help us deal with the uncertainties and challenges before they occur- to give us inspiration, strength and courage up front. This positive energy will also make our journey easier and more pleasant. It will also help us deal with failure.

Want to get your uncooperative children to have a less stressful morning routine? Instead of barking out orders for them to eat, get dressed, and march off to school, (then hugging and kissing them goodbye to make amends for yelling) try using humor to guide them. Help them choose healthy foods to eat that are fun- maybe whole grain pancakes shaped into stars. Try guiding them to choose an outfit that expresses who they want to be that day, or that makes them smile. Turn everyday chores into fun adventures. Begin, and continue with laughter and create a successful, stress free morning ritual.

Want to lose weight or become healthier- but find the words diet and exercise so negative that the whole process becomes overwhelming? Try replacing these negative words with positive, inspirational phrases such as “Bye, bye big butt plan!” or “Gimme Skinny!” Use humorous, inspirational phrases to help make your weight-loss journey fun, and laugh your way to success!

Does your workday leave you stressed? Is daily grumbling and complaining draining your energy because of its negativity? Do you really want to get to the point where you need that after work cocktail to unwind from a hectic day? Find ways during the day to gain inspiration and joy that will carry you through your busy day. Choose to include inspirational moments throughout your work day so you will feel as if your day mattered- whatever the outcome. If you have included humor into your day, then part of it was successful.

Use the positive power of laughter to inspire you and make your daily journey more enjoyable. Add humor to help you attain your goals, and help you recover from disappointments. Don’t wait until post game to try and salvage the loss with a few laughs. Be that lovable soul and laugh your way to success.

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After too many years of obsessing, complaining, and even crying over her weight, Sharon Helbert created the Sassy-Gal brand as a positive, inspirational lifestyle approach to weight-loss. Her strategy of replacing the negative words diet and exercise with funny, witty phrases such as "Big Kitako Removal" (Big Butt Removal in Swahili) is sure to start a worldwide movement with people laughing their way to success. She even created the Sassy Gal Sound Button to "Tell all ridiculous diet gurus, fitness experts, and skinny people to go to hell!", to make her weight-loss journey fun.

Sharon was born in Buffalo, NY and has lived in Houston, TX and Washington, DC. She currently lives in Boston, MA with her husband, two daughters and collie.

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  1. I suppose that humor can be used transformatively to generate joy, just as it can serve to laugh in the face of adversity: either way, live and learn……

  2. As a child, I watched my older siblings and my parents make people laugh uproariously, and I would think “sure hope I can do that someday” because it made everybody feel so good! Happy to tell you, they tell me I got that gene, too. So, I was elated when my little chinese neighbor, after reading one of my books said “Oh, I felt soo ‘hoppy’ while reading your book” and that pleased my innards–until I wondered, recently–maybe it simply made her nervous…but even that made me laugh!

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