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Imagine that you are a beautiful bird soaring high above the mountain tops looking over the hills and valleys in awe of every color, every blade of grass, every flower and creature. From your view of the world guided by the rush of wind created in your path, appreciate all that connects you to everything you see.

In flight, trust the path that is before you and follow your sense of wonder to lead you to your next stop. When you lose your way, remember to keep your eyes open and allow the greatness of what has been given to you to help you steady your flight. You have been given the tools to determine where you are most needed among the great and vast sounds, sights and textures that the earth has to offer. You were placed on your flight to make the best use of it, even when the wind is so strong you feel as though you are lost.

When you eventually land on a soft patch among the tiniest and necessary creatures and fauna, stay still and relish another moment that is yours to enjoy. Nourish your heart with the knowledge that no matter where you are, no matter how big or small your accommodations when night falls, no matter if your feathers are ruffled from a hard day’s work, that you are beautiful just as you are.

Once you have rested your weary wings, gather up your new energy and begin another quest to unite yourself with your fellow friends in flight so that together you can make the world a better place. Believe in your ability to find meaningful treasures as you seek direction to fulfill your desired place in time and space. Use your acute sense of inner vision and physical sensations to enable you to know how special and unique you are.

Carry the wisdom of yesterday’s flight to teach you where you will go today and tomorrow. Remember the spot that led you astray and be thankful that you were shown those darker corners where light couldn’t reach so that you appreciate the blue sky above you. If you injure a wing while you are exploring and living your adventurous life, take the time to rest and remember that the next day will be better. Share what you learn with your fellow creatures so that together you can explore in the safety of your trust in each other.

Remember that with every exploration, with each new discovery as you achieve your goals alongside the struggles in your wake, that you are among the gifts in the world. Your beautiful colors and special ways of collecting pieces for your nest are what inspires others to new horizons.

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Alicia Garey is an interior designer and blog contributor for the Huffington Post. She previously worked in the television literary department at a Los Angeles talent agency and in television production. During her journey to wellness after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, she began writing about her experience and insights. Her book What a Blip: A Breast Cancer Journal of Survival and Finding the Wisdom was published by John Hunt Publishing in December, 2014. Originally from New York, Alicia lives in California with her husband and their two children.

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  1. Truly a Gift you are shared with us all so needing reminding how we are all as precious as anything and equally gifted to live lives of meaning, with support and abundances always there to be received with open hearts.. You cover everything good about our journey and wrote visual words to guide us in your own wonderful flights and inner beautiful travels. You opened up invitingly, our spirits to soar as we are each here to do and to be, especially. Infinite gratitude, and best to you. Please keep shining your light of love, Alicia.

      1. if I could just add this, Alicia…you soar alright – all the way to us in “Oz”, (so you know:)) No time nor distance between souls! Have a wonderful life, wonderful, inspiring, generous, courageous, joyously beautiful lady, and Thanks again!

  2. I also like to imagine myself is a bird that will fly into a big sky with no plan ahead destinations but follow the inner guidances at each stage of the life. From a software professional, to an English teacher than a private chef. Yes, it’s unconventional, but it’s the bird inside of me lead the way to bring me to a happy, happier and the happiest land.

  3. This article helps in reinforcing the power of positive thinking and believing in oneself.It nicely summarizes that ups and downs are part of life.We just need to be grateful for the good experiences we had,share them with others,help out, move on with life and keep going through all the struggles.Then struggles wont really matter, as everything would just be part of the journey in the pursuit of happiness.

    1. Hello Pria, I would say that actually the struggles do matter. Accepting those struggles and learning from them is key! Plus, we’re not always happy and that’s okay too. Cheers.

  4. So lyrical. I could feel myself soaring, nestling down, and gaining strength for the next part of the journey. I’m printing this out for a niece who is in prison. She appreciates the different items I send her to keep her imagination alive, her hope intact, and faith in herself centered.

    1. Hello Virginia, thank you so much for your comments and for sharing it with your niece. I hope it brings her comfort.

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