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Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

I want humanity to know oneness. It sounds complicated at first, but it is simple and will change your life forever. It did for me.

Oneness is more than a concept. It’s an experience and a way of living.

In every culture throughout time there have been saints, mystics, sages, shamans and prophets who have come to the same conclusion: all things in this world are deeply interconnected and ultimately are only diverse expressions of the one original source energy.

This was the essential experience and conviction of most of the worlds’ religious founding leaders. They called the Oneness of life different things: God, Allah, Hashem, The Great Mystery and so on, but the idea of oneness is universal. Oneness means we are each united with all of life.

Oneness is not just a spiritual or religious idea. It is now a clear scientific principle. Einstein died trying to prove the unified field theory, a belief that all life and matter are united by an underlying energy or consciousness.

The great quantum physicists David Bohm, Arthur Eddington, Max Planck and many others were convinced that at the very deepest (smallest) level of all things was energy. Deep within each cell, each molecule, each atom and nucleus, breathes an energy so subtle and yet so essential it could be called “spirit.”

The environmentalists and ecologists also are convinced of this oneness. The pollution in one part of the world impacts the climate, air and water in another. The chemicals the smallest animals eat from our waste and farming practices travel up the food chain until large doses of those chemicals appear in our daily diet. Changes in the habitat or population of any one creature send a ripple effect through the world.

Oneness is the law of nature: what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

Imagine it like this: what if the force that preceded all life was like an ocean? In time ice formed and was floating on the surface. The ice is unlike the ocean. It floats on the ocean, and it doesn’t even look like the ocean. But in time, the conditions change, and the ice melts back into the ocean. Was it every really different? Separate?

Regardless of whether we believe in the Garden of Eden or the big bang, something came before it all, a vast, endless, infinite, eternal something. That same source-force is here right now. It gave rise to all things, and it is inside you, around you and will exist long after we are all gone, which means we are all related through this origin and oneness.

If you truly understood this, you would not need to be told to be kind you would not need to be told to recycle or forgive or love or respect yourself. You wouldn’t worry about who wins you’d be sure that no one loses. You would love others as yourself, and you’d see the spark of the divine in all things. You’d know that every experience is a lesson, a chance to grow toward understanding ONENESS.

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Featured as an expert in films, print, television, and radio, Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D., is the author of Return to the Sacred and Your Spiritual Personality and is the CEO of TAO Inspired Living, Mexico’s premier health and wellness residential community and retreat center. 

As the leader of this world class event center and residential development with a focus on wellness, Jonathan’s impact on the world of well-being and practical inspiration has expanded into the community and corporate arenas. The former Spiritual Program Director for the acclaimed Canyon Ranch Health Resorts, Dr. Ellerby has over 20 years of experience in the fields of holistic healing, spiritual counseling, integrative medicine, and corporate consulting. Drawing from a PhD in comparative religion and travels to meet and study with healers and teachers in more than forty cultures around the world, Jonathan makes spirituality simple and every day inspired.

Dr. Ellerby will be hosting speakers at TAO Inspired Living at very affordable prices, including Jack Canfield, co-creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, at the end of September 2012 and the world famous Colleen and Rodney Yee in November 2012 for an intensive yoga retreat.

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  1. Thank you so much for reminding us of this fundamental truth! Reading your words has put a joyous smile on my face! Yes, not only I totally resonate with them, I have also had the opportunity to share this “Oneness fact” with others consistently… It is so simple, so obvious and it makes so much sense it is counter-intuitive to choose to think otherwise! I am happy science has been doing its best to contribute to the understanding of Oneness. We will eventually get there…

    Keep up the great work. Namasté!

  2. So true, that the concept of oneness when ingrained in the mind can help us identify ourselves with everything in our environment and tells us to be constantly watchful of our deeds .It teaches us the importance of righteousness.

  3. Even if the entire world understood and grasped oneness just intellectually, we would live in a drastically different world.

    The direct, spiritual experience of oneness isn’t exactly needed, but if we all were to be directly experiencing oneness, I can’t even imagine what the world would be like.

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