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I, like you, am just a normal person living a normal life. But, by “normal” I don’t mean mundane. Nothing that exists in this universe should ever be seen as mundane!

Take a moment to breathe. Look around you right now. You see a computer, a desk, maybe a window and trees outside. You see your hands. You feel your clothes against your skin. Perhaps you smell dinner cooking, or notice the familiar scents of your office.

Everything you have noticed just now is a miracle. Once, none of it existed. Can you picture the total absence of everything?

When was the last time you stopped and thought about where it all came from?

Everything you see around you, everything you eat, the air you breathe, is all made up of the remnants of stars, cooked up in their fiery bellies billions of years ago. As my five-year-old daughter likes to point out, “We are all made of stardust!”

The universe wants to live, so stardust gathered together and became planets, just as cells joined together and became you.

Trillions upon trillions of these tiny living building blocks work together every second so that you can experience life. They work to turn oxygen and food into energy, allowing you to learn, create, laugh, love and spread joy.

Most people don’t give any thought to how much their bodies are doing to keep them healthy, and make sure they achieve the experiences they need in order to grow as humans. We abuse our bodies daily, and then poke at them with disapproving glares in front of a mirror. We take our bodies, and thus, our lives, for granted.

It is true that we cannot spend every moment fully aware of what our bodies need, but we can and should stop to appreciate all that our bodies are doing for us. When you go to bed tonight, take a moment to thank your body for taking such good care of you while you were busy rushing from one place to another. Thank your body for seeing you through without requiring any thoughts or time for itself.

Remember how it all began: from nothing, to stardust, to you. Your body is amazing. You are amazing. The entire world around you is amazing. Enjoy it, and live in gentle awe of EXISTENCE.

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Myrlia loves dancing, laughing and a good cup of tea. But the thing that makes her happiest of all is helping others find their own joy.

To that end, Myrlia and her husband, Steve, created, a website full of uplifting celebrity news, where fans can be inspired to find new ways to make a difference.

Though most of her time is spent running and chasing her two young girls around the garden, Myrlia also enjoys writing children's books and posting her 'Tips for a happy time on Earth' at

In 2013, Myrlia was named one of America's Top 20 Women in Philanthropy.

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