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“We are not promised tomorrow.”

I have learned to appreciate this quote more and more over the years. Within a few short years, I lost a brother and sister to senseless murders. Since that time, each day of my life becomes more meaningful and special.

Life is about being in the moment and appreciating today since we don’t know if there will be another. I find inspiration as I reflect upon the memories of my sister Sharon and brother Samuel as a big part of me lives for them every single day. Don’t delay your life today. Be right here, right now.

Family Love

Growing up in a family of ten, my amazing mother and stern preacher-man daddy taught us to maintain a strong, respectful, and genuine love for God and each other. Families inspire life’s essential connections and support systems.

I cherish my wife, daughter, and son as they inspire me each and every day with their unconditional love. My family is always there for me and I always try to be available for, and loving to them. They help ignite my inspiration and remind me of who I truly am and what is truly important in life.


My father used to say, “Once a task is begun, never leave it until it’s done, be thy labor great or small, do it well or not at all”. I set my mind to always do the very best I can. No matter what the circumstances are, just do your best to persevere until you reach your goal or accomplish tasks.

Believe in your mission, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and do it as positively as possible as you see it to completion. Inspire yourself to get it done and you will be inspired to complete more!

Believe in People

My love, faith, and hope in people have always been my vehicle to inspire people. When pushed down by the strains of life, I understand the need to love others as we love ourselves and to treat others as we want to be treated. These are the golden rules of inspiration. Inspire others by believing in them. Show them you care in a genuine way.

“If you are not humble, you crumble,” my dad always said. Know that you can’t please them all, but your inner spark will ignite many to your fire of compassion, understanding, and efforts to connect and accept.


Look to the children to inspire you to be in the moment, not take yourself too seriously, and to rejoice in the true spirit of life and love. Look to the innocence we cherish, but often lose.

Look to the pure joy and laughter to help set the tone for your day. Follow their lead by living in each and every moment. Look to the hope of life through inquisitive eyes that mirror the soul and melt you into the love of the moment.

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SOLOMON is a recording artist, singer, songwriter, entertainer, family man, and ambassador to Starlight Children’s Foundation, Starbright World Organization, Minnesota Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, and Samaritan Orphanage in Uganda.

SOLOMON has dedicated his life to aiming for the stars and shooting for the moon. Raised in Duluth, Minnesota, he excelled in football and basketball, and played 3 years of indoor professional football. SOLOMON's dancing abilities have been recognized with a 1st place in The Minnesota Celebrity Dance Challenge.

As the son of a minister, he began singing at an early age and later in the church choir. As a rising star, SOLOMON has shared stages with two musical icons Prince and Larry Graham. He is currently completing his second album, Starlight, as a follow-up to his 2012 Kingdom CD. Tours are currently being planned for the US and Asia that will include ambassador events.

SOLOMON discovered a natural audience with chronically and terminally ill children when asked to be an ambassador for several organizations. His amazing connection with these children and their families, and dedicated time and effort, has set him apart from many other successful entertainers. No stranger to family tragedy and illness with the deaths of his brother, sister, and father, Solomon’s empathy shows in every song he writes and in every conversation he has with a child in need.

He loves time with his wife, daughter, and son. SOLOMON enjoys fishing and exercise while not writing, recording, performing, or video taping.

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  1. Sp inspiring Solomon. I grew up similar,in a 10 person family. That is including my parents But my parents were alcoholics,and we moved so much. I went to 12 different schools by the time I hit grade 9. Talk about no true friends. I had to rely on family.Then we ended up living in one place for a few years. Then they started to die. Dad,my oldest sister,who raised us as we grew up,as my parents were alcoholics,and then my mum..All in 3 years.Talk about pain. I started to drink,and use drugs to numb the pain. I stopped now for 9.5 years,and did some work on myself,and was able to deal with my past.I came out of it with unconditional love,and compassion for humanity.,as well as myself . This is how you inspired me.
    Lots of Love,Patrick
    I sign everything with Lots of Love, to show everyone that I love them.

  2. I absolutely love your example & walk. What you heard growing up , what you lived , what you experienced after growing up all came together because of your trust & awareness ! What an inspiration you are . Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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