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Right now in this moment you are experiencing the miracle of life. You may be facing challenges. You may have financial problems, health problems, relationship problems. You may be concerned about natural disasters or the state of the world.

Take this moment and let go of all of those concerns. You can come back to these issues and problems later but in this moment just experience the miracle of creation. You are a divine being. You are eternal. The awareness which you are will never die and the joy of creation will always be part of you.

No matter what challenges you face take this moment and express your gratitude for the precious gift of life that surrounds you. Life may not be perfect in every moment of your individual experience of life but life itself is indeed perfection. You are part of this perfection and your thoughts and actions matter more than you can ever imagine.

Take this moment and make a concentrated effort to focus on the positive energy that surrounds you. Think of those moments which have given you the greatest joy. Think of moments of love with your family. Think of others who have shown you kindness or to whom you have shown kindness.

Take this positive energy and share it with those you love. Share it with your pet, your plants, even your car and the inanimate objects which provide you shelter and convenience such as your bed, bed sheets, your car or even your computer or ipad. Every person, animal, plant and object in your world is connected to you far more intimately than you can imagine. Be grateful. Be in joy.

Now be active and take on the world. You are powerful beyond all limitations. Working with others you can accomplish almost any goal. Whatever challenges you may be facing can be overcome. If a circumstance or obstacle seems overwhelming the universe may be directing you to focus in a different direction.

Not all “problems” need to be solved or resolved. True happiness and success in life is often determined by which challenges you choose to overcome and which you choose to ignore. Letting go can be a great relief. Letting go allows new energy to enter and often that which you have been holding onto even if well intentioned is not in alignment with your true purpose and destiny.

This is really the key. There is a higher purpose to the universe and you have a higher purpose as well. Higher purpose does not necessarily mean a global role or high profile activity. Your higher purpose may be related to raising your family, planting a garden or being a good friend to others. Pay attention to synchronicities and what brings you joy on a daily basis and you will start aligning your higher purpose. Once you do you will experience greater joy in all you do.

You can make a difference in every moment of your life. With patience, hard work and focus you can accomplish miracles. Be the miracle you seek to create. You already are this miracle and your primary purpose as a human being is to enjoy the miracle that is you and share this miracle with the universe. You can do this.

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As an author, William Gladstone is best known for his international bestseller The Twelve. He is also the co-author of Tapping the Source and co-producer of the film of the same name. His latest book is The Power of Twelve.

In addition, he is a literary agent for many bestselling authors including Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch and the founder of Waterside Productions, as well as a trustee of the International Club of Budapest. William writes three times a week on his blog.

He resides in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.

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