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Free yourself from judgment. Each judgment you have is a complaint with the Divine Mystery.

Let go of your attachment to being right. This doesn’t mean you can’t be right, only that you can’t keep score.

Let go of your attachment to being wrong. Scrutinizing your actions to identify your “mistakes” is a justification for self-judgment. The opposite of being wrong and the opposite of being right is the same-just being.

Stop trying to fix yourself. You are not broken, you don’t need repairing, and you don’t need to try harder. All you need to do is accept yourself as you are.

Get over thinking your belief system is the cornerstone of reality. It isn’t. Everything you think is real is based on an illusion. Laugh, it’s pretty funny if you think about it.

Detach yourself from your need to know. The problem with knowledge is it doesn’t do anything. How much more knowledge do you need to embrace the truth of your magnificence. Your choices will distinguish you, not your knowledge. (Note: There is no exception for bad hair days.)

Stop justifying your actions. To move out of the duality of right/wrong thinking, you must be willing to stop defending your point of view.

Quit blaming anyone, including yourself, for the way you are experiencing the world. There are no victims, only volunteers. Assume responsibility for your experience of life, regardless of where you acquired your point of view.

Release the idea that any one human is better or worse than another. If you feel you are better or worse than someone else, you are still under the influence of the myth of your imperfection.

Make peace with yourself (and everyone else). Peace doesn’t come and go. It is always there. It is you who come and go away from it.

Love actively. The only way to bring love to yourself is by loving. You don’t need to pursue love. You need to love.

Practice, practice, practice what you want to master. If you practice acceptance, you master peace.

Come from your heart. To answer any question, simply ask, “What would love do here?” -then DO IT!

Observe your mind at work. You change yourself by changing how you perceive your world.

Separate your sense of self from your fear. You are not your fearful thoughts and emotions. Fear is simply present. Nothing can hurt you when you know yourself as an immortal aspect of the Divine Mystery.

Remember and live the truth of your magnificence. You need only to remember the birthright of your innate perfection and release everything else.

Once and for all, stop telling tall tales. If your actions don’t match what you say you believe, you are just kidding yourself. It’s time to get real.

P.S. Don’t wait for a “right” time to follow these steps. The future will always arrive as now.

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Gini Gentry’s teachings stem from the heart of Toltec wisdom while at the same time embracing the unity of truth held within all the mystery traditions.  She is committed to revealing the love, honest reflection, and outrageous joy that is our divine birthright with a provocative and often humorously entertaining style.

Gini first met don Miguel Ruiz in 1988.  Several years later she was approached and asked to manage don Miguel after his wife Gaya dreamed Gini would expose his work to the masses.  Gini accepted the position, and immersed herself in the work.  As she personally deepened into the knowledge of the Toltec tradition, she organized and expanded the reach of the teachings including developing “power journeys” with Ruiz for thousands of followers to locations such as Hawaii, Peru, Egypt, Greece, Canada and many sacred sites in Mexico, including Teotihuacan, the heart of the Toltec tradition.

After a few short years, Gini became the Nagual Woman (female spiritual leader) in the Toltec lineage brought forward by Ruiz. Working with don Miguel as his teaching partner, they traveled the world reaching thousands of people through lectures, workshops and journeys to sacred sites.

As once prophesized, Gini became the marketing mastermind that brought Miguel’s teaching to the public. She found the perfect ghostwriter/publisher in Janet Mills and served as the content editor of the New York Times bestseller The Four Agreements.

While Ruiz’s fame began its meteoric rise, Gini built a retreat center at her ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico, to expand her personal teachings with student residency programs and workshops. Known for combining her unique empathic abilities and interest in the feminine face of the Great Mystery, Gini enjoys success on talk-radio and as a featured speaker at new-thought conferences. Gini continues to combine her unique blend of knowledge through her blog, workshops, and several annual guided journeys to sacred sites around the world.

Gini is the author of Dreaming Down Heaven, available on September 29, 2010 and is featured in the documentary Dreaming Down Heaven slated to be released later this year. She continues to share her unique blend of knowledge through guided journeys to sacred sites around the world, her much followed teachings on Facebook, workshops and personal intensives. Her website includes direct links to You Tube videos of her teachings at Teotihuacan. When not traveling to share the love, Gini lives and teaches at the Garden of the Goddess Retreat Center in New Mexico.

Gini Gentry can be contacted at [email protected] and at 505-473-5329.



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  1. Gini, you have very beautifully expressed the philosophy I have tried to live by — when I remember and can manage it. So easy to get sucked into the craziness of society though!
    I would like to reproduce your essay in my newsletter Bobbing Around if you give your permission.

  2. Words of wisdom Gini Simple, direct, and implementable. I’m pleased that I already practice many of them. A few are good reminders to incorporate more often. Thanks for sharing.

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