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In today’s world of transformation and the emerging consciousness of positive human potential, the word inspire is very often uttered into the air. “I’m inspired.” “You inspire me.” “That was inspiring.” We are often inspired by those teachers and role models that speak most directly to our hearts, but what does the word inspire really mean?

It comes from the Latin ‘in’ which means ‘inside’ or ‘to infuse with’ and ‘spirare’ which means ‘breath’. In essence to inspire is to infuse with breath! An alternate meaning is to breathe life into! When I found this out I wanted to share it with all my brothers and sisters of the planet so loudly as to reverberate their hearts with a rekindled respect for the power of the conscious breath.

Take a moment and think about everything in your life that is inspiring and just breathe it deeply and slowly into you. Infuse it into your being by letting it ride your breaths. Let your visions and dreams ride in and out on your breaths, constantly refining them with the power of the love in your heart.

This is actually what is happening when we daydream. This daydreaming often leads to attracting those things which we want. When our breaths become slow and relaxed, rhythmic and almost hypnotic, we drop into the trance that is known as a daydream and paste a smile on our faces reflecting that which we are visioning to attract. We are breathing it in passively. However, imagine now what would happen if you were to breathe these visions in consciously. You would be using the original power of inspiring! Delight in yourself today as you walk around breathing in all the things you want and blowing out anything you should expire (to breathe out).

There is a magic that is underlying in each of us that can only be awakened via the power of the conscious breath. What does it mean to be breathing consciously? Is that the same as meditating? No, not necessarily. Breathing consciously is a pathway to meditation and virtually any other state of being you’d like to embody (in-body). You must begin by simply observing your breath flow.

I’d like to share a very simple technique for doing this. As you inhale, silently whisper in your inner voice, “I am breathing in” and as you exhale, “I am breathing out”. Make sure to allow the natural pause after each inhale and each exhale. The words you are uttering will occupy the modern, speedy and entangled mind and assist you in observing your breath so that you can entrain it to be used at your beckon call.

How does this apply to experiencing Oneness? This is where the magic reveals itself.

The word “conspire” at one time meant to unite by breathing together. From the Latin ‘con’ meaning ‘together or to unite’ and ‘spirare’ meaning ‘to breathe’. This revelatory word was covered up and hidden, when in 1386 the word “conspiracy” was born and the root word was changed to mean ‘to unite for illegal purposes’.

My fellow brothers and sisters of the planet, we are here to reawaken the original meaning of “conspire”. The power of breathing together has now been reawakened on the planet and is being practiced by more and more people every day. Once you have learned to be intimate with your own breath flow you can start breathing together with others.

Begin by exploring the power of two or three people breathing together in sync. Face each other in a quiet, comfortable environment and as you flow together in a deep, slow breath flow, pay attention to match your inhales and exhales. You will begin to notice a calm peace that comes about. You will begin to notice certain clarity about your mind. You begin to notice a magical connective feeling between you that wasn’t there before. What you are noticing is your ability to experience Oneness. The actual feeling of Oneness arises and after that moment it can never be forgotten, only refined and nurtured as long as that is your will. It is like a gift that is given and never taken away as long as you’d like to keep it.

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Rabia Hayek is visionary and creator of the BreatheTogether Conscious Flow™ method and is also the author of The Secrets of Breathing, a manual on optimal breathing and experiencing Oneness by breathing together. His extensive studies of conscious breathing range far and wide from teaching voice studies for thirteen years to delving into the ancient yogic art of pranayama or breath control under the skilled direction of Dr. Acharya Yogeesh. Rabia, a Webster University degreed singer and composer is underway creating a genre of music called ‘breathing music', specifically designed for listeners to consciously breathe along with. The genre is designed to give listeners the ultimate experiential connection of breath and music.

In meditation late one night in October 2006, Rabia had the vision for one billion people to BreatheTogether simultaneously. Ever since, he has been the driving force behind the BreatheTogether movement by passionately proliferating the power of the conscious breath. In workshops, conferences, expos and other speaking engagements, Rabia inspires crowds as a dynamic speaker. As one of the most prolific speakers of our time on the conscious breath, he takes a stand that all people shall know how to use the breath as a tool for wellness and Oneness.

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